Kinds of birth

Kinds of births - the pros and cons of different kinds of genera

Then, in time, the understanding has come back that pregnancy is not a disease, and childbirth is not an operation. The natural births are best for both the child and the mother. They do not provide for stimulation without the need, do not require anesthesia. A woman usually chooses in advance a midwife and a doctor who will deal with the methods of her childbirth. Immediately after childbirth, mothers are given a child to feed him with her milk. Since the time when natural birth became the norm for doctors and women, the choice of type of birth became wider.

Kinds of genera

Already from the moment when understanding of the utility of natural genera comes, other kinds of genera are known.


Most of the peoples of Africa prefer maternity in a vertical position against the horizontal. This kind of birth began to take over and Russian women. The genera are called vertical. The main idea of ??such births is that the mother can take the desired poses and move freely also at the moment of contractions, since it is believed that the body itself tells it the necessary provisions. In addition, in ordinary maternity homes, they also allowed the free movement of the woman in labor during labor, as this helps a woman to bear pain more easily. But there are drawbacks in such genera:

  • the perineum is poorly visible and difficult to "protect";
  • deep perineal tears more;
  • the fetal condition is difficult to observe and epidural anesthesia;
  • Special beds are needed for delivery.

With a partner

Another innovation among the kinds of genera is a partnership joint birth. And today there are discussions around this type of birth: some say that such births are destructive to relationships in a pair, while others on the contrary believe that such births make relations in a couple stronger and closer. However, both sides are right in saying that joint births are a kind of test for the couple and their invaluable experience. The question is, how and who will pass it, and how it will be perceived. But it should be noted that the husband, being near the wife in a difficult and crucial moment, can help not only literally, having done a massage or giving a glass of water in time, but also to help morally, which is important. That the young father did not fall into a swoon during childbirth, it is better to cook it beforehand, that he will have to experience - attend training courses for childbirth together.


Another new way among the kinds of genera is the birth of the house. These births take place in a homely and familiar environment, but at a modern level, so the child from birth has the opportunity to contact the microbes not of the hospital, but of his home. However, not everyone can afford this kind of childbirth, because everything depends on the course of a woman's pregnancy and her health. If the pregnancy runs as it should and the woman is healthy, the option of deliveries "at home" can be considered. However, even childbirth can not do without the presence of a professional obstetrician. Also it is necessary to agree on childbirth with the maternity home, in case it may be necessary to interfere with medicine. Of course, a woman who decided to give birth at home, except for good health, must undergo preparation for the generic process. Disadvantages of this kind of delivery:

  • There is no monitoring of your status.
  • Monitor monitoring of your fetal condition is also absent (it is important to see how the heartbeat changes with time, and not just listen to it).
  • Very low staff readiness (comparing a doctor or midwife, conducting twenty genera in a hospital daily with those who spend 1-2 times a month at home).
  • It is possible to lose a child or die because of untimely care.

In the water

The curious kind of birth is the birth in the water. In some maternity homes there is the possibility to leave some of their genera in the water. Their advantage is that warm water helps to relax a woman and reduces the pain of contractions, while a child who is born in water feels less stress than when he is born in the standard way. This is explained by the fact that for nine months the future child is in the water environment, and, having been born into water, he passes into the world familiar to him. This kind of delivery does not have its own shortcomings. However, they are contraindicated for women with chronic diseases, a narrow pelvis, with late toxicosis and placenta previa. But to lie down during fights in the water can almost everything.


Do not forget about the natural births in a horizontal position. This type of delivery is used today much less often, since the horizontal position is less natural and not so convenient. Usually, such births are recommended to women, who for some reason or other have delivery with complications, in cases when it is necessary to constantly monitor the course of pregnancy and always be ready for medical intervention.


Speaking about cesarean section, it is difficult to call it the type of birth, since it refers more to a medical operation that is performed under certain conditions and only when necessary. Usually, they are prescribed by the doctor already during pregnancy, but they can come to this decision also during the delivery, if complications arise.

In order to correctly choose the type of delivery that suits you best, you must first carefully familiarize yourself with all possible kinds of them, study the minuses and pluses. It is strongly recommended that you consult a doctor who is watching you, as well as a doctor in the hospital, as professionals in their business know better what kind of fit you. But still, a positive moral attitude often turns out to be the most important factor in successful births.

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