Lactinet after birth

Laktionet after delivery - instructions for use

Effective mini-saws

Laktineth - excellent contraceptive pills. Their main active substance is desogestrel. It is important that this contraceptive contains only the hormone progestogen. Therefore, it can and should be taken to women after giving birth, who are breastfeeding.

Since the drug contains only microdoses of the hormone progestogen, it is referred to an alternative group of contraceptives - mini-pili, i.e., minimal pills. This contraceptive inhibits the ovulation of the egg, and the follicle does not ripen, thus conception does not occur. In addition, during the reception of these tablets, the woman has a low level of luteotropic hormone. Also the contraceptive increases the density of mucus in the cervix of the uterus, and this does not allow penetrating into the spermatozoids. Therefore, the drug for its properties of protecting the body from unwanted pregnancy is equated with hormonal contraceptives of a combined type.

How do I take the medicine?

Lactitone is taken once a day at the same time from the first day of the menstrual cycle. The necessary concentration in the blood is reached 4-5 days after the start of the drug.

After giving birth, a woman can start drinking this drug no earlier than in 6-8 weeks. By the way, it is after such a period that gynecologists are advised to start living sexually. A woman who did not use hormonal contraceptives should start taking these pills from the first day after the end of menstruation. Thus, additional contraception will not be needed for the first time. If you start taking the medicine from 2 days of menstruation, then you need additional protection. Please note that, as a rule, in any case, pharmacists are advised to use additional contraception during the first week of taking mini-pills.

If a woman is breastfeeding and the menstrual cycle has not yet recovered, then, how to start luring the drug, you should consult your gynecologist. Typically, two to three months after delivery, specialists prescribe this type of contraception after a gynecological examination.

It should be noted that when breastfeeding, Lactineth does not affect the amount and quality of milk. At the same time, it is proved that the minimum dose of desogestrel falls into the milk, and thus the control over the child's well-being is important. Although the results of scientific tests prove that due to simultaneous therapy with lactineth and breastfeeding, there are no health problems of crumbs.

Experts insist that you can not ignore the reception of mini-drunk. But if this happened, and the break time was not more than 12 hours, the effect does not decrease, and if the time of the pass is longer, it is necessary to use additional contraception within a week.

When can not I take Lactineth?

Despite its advantages, this oral contraceptive has many contraindications, among which:

  • vein thromboembolism,
  • severe hepatic pathology,
  • hormone-dependent malignant neoplasms,
  • incomprehensible spotting from the vagina and others.

Therefore, before taking it is necessary to pay attention to the presence of diseases, consult with a specialist. Do not forget about the possible side effects. The most frequent of them - nausea, decreased sexual desire, headache, poor health. Important, that intimate life would bring pleasure and joy, and not feelings about the likely onset of an unwanted pregnancy.

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