Late pregnancy

Features of the course and observation of late pregnancy

According to statistics, the number of women who become a mother after 30 is rapidly increasing. The reason for this growth is the one called the trendy trend of the West, where for many years it has been decided to create a family after 30, others - the lack of personal life up to a certain age, the third - a tribute to the established career. We will not focus our attention on clarifying philosophical views, but consider the question of late pregnancy in terms of medical recommendations and the views of the psychologist on this score.

So, from the point of view of medicine, the ideal age for the birth of a child is 20-30 years. This statement is justified because in the youth the body of a woman is stronger, and in order to tolerate a healthy child and give birth without consequences, a woman should have strong immunity. Up to 30 years, in most cases, nature goes to meet a woman. But after 30 years, a woman is hard to get pregnant without additional medical examinations or even artificial insemination. In addition, bad habits, as well as most of the chronic diseases that accumulate in adulthood in no way contribute to normal pregnancy and childbirth. In addition, after 30 years, women are observed and gynecological changes in the body: the ovaries are not so smoothly working, and the elasticity of tissues is reduced. That's why physicians are inclined to claim that late pregnancy is undesirable.

But, you can not discount the fact that many women after 30 give birth to quite healthy children and carry the pregnancy no worse than younger girls. Such an outcome of events is possible if a woman carefully monitors her health and goes through the correct preparation for childbirth. What it is? Let's take a closer look.

So, to a woman after 30, on the recommendations of doctors for a successful pregnancy and should take into account the following nuances:

  • Six months before the planned pregnancy, you must carefully revise your lifestyle: get rid of the habit of smoking, do not abuse alcohol, get rid of excess weight;
  • consult a gynecologist and undergo a full medical examination;
  • by submitting tests, excluding factors that may adversely affect the health of mother and baby;
  • Undergo prenatal screening tests, which can reveal the level of risk of abnormal development of pregnancy;
  • in time to follow the instructions of doctors and unquestionably take tests that are able to identify possible pathologies of the unborn child.

As for the opinion of psychologists, a late pregnancy for a woman who is ready for the birth of a baby is a holiday, not a problem. After all, many women, at an earlier age simply are not ready to take responsibility for one more life, so the birth of a child becomes a burden. After giving birth, young girls are exposed to stresses, which entail the upbringing of the baby, worry about changing the figure and mourn that it is necessary to limit oneself in many pleasures. Women at a more mature age are mentally prepared to take responsibility for the child's full responsibility and are less exposed to the stresses that are possible from the coming changes.

In conclusion, we note that if a woman wants to become a mother and give birth to a baby, then it does not matter at what age she will do it, most importantly - desire. Cases are not uncommon, when and at a young age there are complications. It all depends on the way of life of a woman. Therefore, if you decided to become a mother at a more mature age, we personally - wish you the best of luck! Dare - you will succeed!

Happy pregnancy and light birth.

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