Levomekol during pregnancy

Levomekol during pregnancy - instructions for use, reviews

Purpose of Levomechol

Let's start with the fact that there are no absolute contraindications to the use of Levomecol ointment during pregnancy. There are some caveats that we'll talk about further. However, if you prescribed this medication for a doctor, then you do not need to give it up-there will not be anything wrong with your body, considering even the fact that an antibiotic is present in the ointment. So, about everything in order.

Levomekol is a complex external drug that contains the antibiotic Levomycetin and is directed to cell regeneration. Levomycetin, which is contained in the drug, is an antibacterial substance with a wide spectrum of action. It is quite effective in combating a huge variety of different microorganisms, including pyogenic ones.

Levomekol improves healing processes of wounds and other soft tissue injuries, while it has anti-inflammatory and immunostimulating action. That is why it is often prescribed for the treatment of various purulent skin lesions in order to clear the wound from the accumulation of pus. This is the boils, trophic ulcers, and burns 2 and 3 degrees, as well as cracked nipples in nursing mothers.

Levomekol is an effective drug because it not only accelerates the regeneration of cells in the wound, but also has a harmful effect on microbes. Use Levomekol ointment topically, impregnating sterile wipes or tampons and applying them to the wound. It is very important to carry out regular treatment until the wound from pus is completely cleansed. As a rule, dressings are done every day.

In the treatment of boils and burns Levomekol is also a fairly effective means of "first aid".

Can Levomecol be used during pregnancy?

To answer this question, let's look at the essence of the diseases that cause the need to use Levomekol ointment. When the skin is affected, which is accompanied by suppuration, there is always a danger of developing intoxication syndrome. Now think: the microbial poisons that are contained in the blood, with the wrong treatment and complete disregard, are safely absorbed into the blood and penetrate the placenta directly to the fetus. The result of such a development of the situation is obvious: pus penetrating deep into soft tissues, causes extensive purulent lesions, which can not be cured by usual ointment. It will require the use of strong antibiotics, and even surgery.

That is why the doctor, prescribing Levomekol during pregnancy, first of all, wants to protect you and the future child from the development of the above picture and the development of complications. In any case, you can always question him in detail, what is the seriousness of the situation and whether there is a homeopathic analogue to this or that drug. However, if you yourself see that the wound on the skin looks pretty serious, and even aches, then do not doubt the professionalism of the doctor and ignore the treatment. Moreover, we found out that Levomekol does not harm mother or future baby in any way.

Take care of yourself and be healthy!

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