Ligol solution with glycerin during pregnancy

Ligol solution with glycerin during pregnancy

As mentioned above, Rotokan has an anti-inflammatory effect and contains such medicinal herbs as: flowers of calendula, yarrow and camomile. This preparation is produced in the form of a liquid extract.

The therapeutic properties of Rotokan are its ability to withstand inflammation, disinfect, heal, disinfect and quench pain. Herbs that are part of the drug restore the damaged mucous membrane of the goal and relieve inflammation of the oral cavity. Also, this drug is used as a combined treatment for gastrointestinal diseases. Apply this drug only in the form of a solution.

Rotokan during pregnancy: instructions for use

For the sake of justice, that in the instruction to the preparation it is said that it is undesirable to use Rotokan during pregnancy and lactation. However, this caution applies only when you use the solution inside because it contains ethanol. As for the throat rinse Rotokan throat, it is absolutely safe in pregnancy. Naturally, if you are allergic to one of the components, then this medication should not be used for treatment. However, if the doctor "gave the go-ahead" for treating the throat with Rotocanus, then you should not refuse. Moreover, for rinsing the goal it takes only one teaspoon of the drug per glass of water, which allows you not to receive ethanol in the body of a pregnant woman.

Prepare the Rotocaine solution immediately before use. Start treatment is recommended with a minimum dose, to prevent the development of allergic reactions.

Rinse the throat

So, in warm water, add a teaspoon of Rotokan, stir thoroughly and, taking a small amount of liquid in your mouth, rinse your throat thoroughly for a minute. For one session, it is recommended to use one glass of solution. Rinse should be up to 4 times a day, half an hour before meals or 20 minutes after the last meal.

If no allergic reactions have occurred, then the dose can be increased by preparing a solution with two teaspoons of Rotokan.


If you have a special inhalation device - a nebulizer, then you can use Rotokan for inhalations. During this procedure, the medicine, in the form of microscopic particles, gets on the mucous membrane of the respiratory system, easily absorbs and has a more effective effect than ingested. Such inhalations are the most effective for respiratory diseases.

To prepare a solution for inhalation, mix the pharmacological solution with Rotocaine in a ratio of 40: 1. Please note that the container is sterile. One inhalation procedure will require only 4 ml of Rotokan. It is important to note that the effect of the drug is carried out directly on the inflammation zone, which allows the drug not to be absorbed into the blood, but immediately to act on the inflammation focus.

Applying Rotokan in the form of inhalations, you will ensure the possibility of getting the medicine deep into the respiratory tract, the qualitative irrigation of the inflamed organs, which will allow you to recover much faster. Rotokan for inhalation is used for such diseases as sore throat, cough and runny nose.

In conclusion, we can only wish you a speedy recovery.

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