Lime in pregnancy

Lipa in pregnancy - benefits, contraindications and risks of consumption

Why is the linden useful?

Lipu is used most often for the treatment of colds. In doing so, only the lime color is used, which is harvested in June. Collected at this time, the raw materials are dried without the sun and then stored in a dark place in a linen bag or glass container.

The composition of lime blossom has wonderful healing properties. It has flavonoids, essential oils and tannins, so the antiseptic properties of the plant are very effective. A large amount of vitamin C and carotene, stimulating the production of vitamin A, allows the lime to occupy one of the leading positions in the composition of cosmetics for skin care, hair. And the most important property of lime color is the power of the antioxidant. It is used in the treatment of inflammatory diseases, includingviral nature.

Lime-colored tea with honey is the first and main folk remedy in the treatment of colds, flu, sore throats. The drink has excellent sudorific and antipyretic properties, sweeping microbes out of the body. Such tea enhances immunity, normalizes metabolic processes. And lime tea can cleanse your liver of toxins in a couple of weeks, provided it is taken on an empty stomach without additives. That's how she is strong - a linden-healer!

Is it possible to drink linden during pregnancy

The body of a pregnant woman is always more prone to colds than the body of a healthy person. This is not surprising, because my mother has one immunity for two, so he is weakened. Taking medication during pregnancy is not recommended for a woman, because most drugs have side effects or are poorly reflected in a future child.

Lime tea belongs to the category of effective and safe means for colds during pregnancy. It will not only quickly cure you of viruses and their consequences, but will also increase the defenses of the body.

Lime tea is a very fragrant and healthy drink. It is recommended for the treatment of colds for future mothers as a diaphoretic and antipyretic. Bactericidal properties of the drink allow him to cope perfectly with stomatitis, sore throat and sore throat. With these diseases infusion of limes rinse their mouth and throat. Lime tea is also treated with bronchitis and pneumonia in pregnant women. In addition, it is used as a remedy against swelling, which often occurs in expectant mothers.

The drink will serve as an assistant and with neuroses, violations of the functions of the gastrointestinal tract, to dilute the blood and enrich it with oxygen.

Given these properties of lime tea, future mothers can quite replace them with traditional black tea. After all, this way it will serve as environmental prevention in periods of epidemics of colds, strengthening immunity.

It will be great if a pregnant woman, having felt the first symptoms of a cold, will drink two cups of lime tea for one hour. This will cause a strong blow to the viruses.

Prepare lime tea is very simple. Pour 2 tablespoons of lime flowers into a glass of boiling water and come for 10-15 minutes. Safe is the use during the day of a pregnant woman 4 cups of this drink. Honey with a taste of tea will only strengthen its medicinal properties.

Lipa in pregnancy: contra-indications

Prolonged use of tea from linden can affect the functioning of the kidneys and the heart, given its diuretic properties. Problems can arise due to the number of cups of tea consumed. And, of course, you do not need to take such a drink at night. After all, the diuretic effect of lime remains for several hours. Therefore, in order not to go to the toilet at night, it is better to drink lime tea last time at 18. 00.

So, the linden during pregnancy is able to cure a woman from cold without harm to her future child. Tea made from linden flowers will help to increase immunity and protect against diseases during epidemics.

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