Limonar during pregnancy

Limonor at pregnancy - the instruction on application, responses

Effects of Limonavar during pregnancy

Limonar during pregnancy can become a real wand if it's a woman who suffers from toxemia. Many pregnant women note, that it perfectly suppresses attacks of a nausea: after reception of a tablet it is possible to eat easy. For women, in whom nausea and vomiting appear even without sharp odors, this is very important.

It is for the elimination of such manifestations that limonar during pregnancy is prescribed most often. But also obstetrician-gynecologists resort to the help of this drug, if their wards identify a threat of miscarriage or diagnosed fetal hypoxia.

Limontar is used as a protection and support organism of a pregnant woman, because it has antioxidant, antihypoxic and metabolic properties and promotes activation of vital biochemical processes:

  • regulates metabolism in cells and tissues, restoring their functions;
  • stimulates redox reactions;
  • enhances the secretion of gastric juice;
  • activates the production of hydrochloric acid;
  • increases appetite;
  • reduces the effects of toxins;
  • increases diastolic blood pressure;
  • improves performance.

How to take Limonar during pregnancy?

Limonar is effective only 10-20 minutes after admission, which has gained wide popularity among different categories of patients. The components of the drug do not accumulate in the body, since they are completely split into water and carbon dioxide. Such a drug can be used in different periods of pregnancy, but the dosage, The method and duration of admission in each case should be prescribed by a doctor.

The average scheme of taking Limonontar during pregnancy - 1 tablet a day, which must be grinded and dissolved in alkaline water, it is best to choose a mineral (the use of soda in the period of carrying the child is not very desirable).

For the prevention of hypoxia, limonar during pregnancy is prescribed for 10 days in each trimester (in the third trimester the course can last up to 25 days): at 12-14 weeks, at 23-24 weeks and 35-36 weeks .

If there is no appetite, you should take Limonor before meals. But if his reception causes unpleasant sensations in the epigastrium, then it is better to take the medicine after eating.


In general, the instruction notes that pain and discomfort in the stomach due to taking Limontar are possible, but as a rule, these unpleasant sensations are rapidly passing and after a few days completely disappear. Nevertheless, some women argue that for their health and the state of the gastrointestinal tract, Lymontar acts excessively aggressively: in this case, it is worth canceling the drug and telling your doctor about it. Do not forget that allergic reactions are not at all excluded: be attentive to yourself.

Refuse Limontar in pregnancy should also be if the patient has a glaucoma, a stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer in an acute form, ischemic heart disease, angina. In all these cases, the drug is contraindicated. Do not prescribe Limontar during pregnancy and when a woman develops severe gestosis. Since he is able to increase blood pressure, then with hypertension, undesirable consequences are also possible due to the use of Limontar, which is also prohibited for hypertension.

For the entire period of pregnancy, you can not take more than 7.5 g Limontar. So do not abuse it.

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