Lineks during pregnancy

Linex during pregnancy - instructions for use, reviews

The instructions are written in black and white: "the use of the drug during pregnancy and lactation is considered safe," but you should not resort to self-medication, and even a safe doctor will be appointed to you by Lineks. He will determine the dosage and course of treatment. Most often take the medicine three times a day for 2 capsules, after eating, squeezed them with a small amount of water. In no case should you not drink Ышэхъё with hot drinks, and also during the period of treatment to drink alcohol (although what kind of speech can there be about alcohol during pregnancy?).

Why is Linex good?

The most important objective of Linex is to normalize the intestinal microflora. And he copes with this function perfectly thanks to his composition. In the natural microflora of the intestine contains live lactic acid bacteria, they are also present in the composition of Linex. At a dysbacteriosis the normal microflora of an intestine is broken, and Lineks helps or assists it to restore.

Lineks also increases the overall immune defense of the body, while destroying harmful pathogens, and is a contraindicative. Also, this drug can be combined with taking any other medications that you prescribed a doctor. Even with an overdose, there were no side effects, which is why doctors like to appoint Linex to future moms.

But what really?

Many "experienced" Lineks consider absolutely useless medicine and do not recommend drinking it during pregnancy. Doctors explain: the organism to the organism is different, and what is suitable for 99 patients, one hundredth may not be suitable. That is why before taking the drug, it is necessary to consult not the girlfriends from the inetovski forums, but a qualified specialist.

Although Lineks is well tolerated, however, with individual intolerance to dairy products, it will have to be abandoned, as this drug contains lactose (milk sugar).

High body temperature (above 38 degrees), blood and mucus in the stool, and acute pain in the abdomen should be the reason for immediate treatment to specialists. It is also necessary to consult a doctor if the diarrhea does not stop on the second day of treatment with Linex.

And, finally, remember what would be a "harmless and harmless" medicine at first glance, all the same it remains a medicine, and no one can foresee how your "pregnant organism" reacts to it, so try to not get sick in these wonderful 9 months. It's easy to say - is not it? But it's not so easy to avoid trouble, although it is possible.

We wish you good health, mild pregnancy, successful delivery and no dysbiosis!

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