Lips during pregnancy

Lips during pregnancy

So, the main reason for diarrhea is severe intestinal infections (dysentery, typhoid, cholera, etc.) that require compulsory treatment in a specialized hospital. In addition, a loose stool can be triggered by food poisoning that occurs suddenly, but it is also better to treat them under the supervision of a doctor. Diarrhea may also occur with hereditary insufficiency in the body of certain substances. In this case, it is necessary to develop an individual diet and stick to it constantly. Sometimes the loose stool is a symptom of food allergy, dysbacteriosis, stomach disease, pancreas, pronounced hormonal changes, neurogenic reactions ("bear disease"), helminthic lesions.

During pregnancy, diarrhea and constipation - this is what almost every future mother faces. The question is, when it's worth worrying and going to the doctor, and when you can be cured at home. If after using this or that product you have nausea and the stool become liquid, but without the admixture of blood and mucus, the temperature does not rise and there is no weakness, then there is nothing to worry about. Most likely, this is a light food poisoning, which is easy to cure at home. However, one must remember that even such an infection can lead to an increase in the tone of the uterus.

If, with fever, the temperature rises, vomiting opens, sharp pains appear in the intestine, this may be a sign of a "big" intestinal infection or a sharp exacerbation of a chronic disease. In any case, such a condition is a direct threat to the mother and the child, so you can not pull with the doctor's call. Diarrhea can be caused by stress, then you should drink soothing infusions and teas.

In principle, if the entire period of pregnancy is accompanied by a liquid stool without the above complications, then you can develop a scheme for his treatment at home. First, you need to make up for the loss of fluid (good unsweetened strong tea, diluted rehydron or lactosol, herbal infusions). You need to drink a lot - at least half a glass of liquid per hour. Secondly, with diarrhea, you can not overload the stomach and intestines, it should be at least a day to sit on a diet, including bread crumbs and black tea. In the next few days, it is necessary to exclude fruits and vegetables, meat, butter, milk from the ration and confine oneself to mucous porridges, fat-free sour-milk products. Well eliminates rice decoction of rice, rice itself (preferably without salt) and a decoction of pomegranate seeds. Medicamental treatment of liquid stool, especially during pregnancy, should be discussed with a doctor (taking an infant dose of the drug prescribed in the annotation is unacceptable!).

To avoid diarrhea during pregnancy, in any case, do not use expired products, as well as those that are poorly packaged and have a suspicious taste and smell. Do not try unwashed fruits or vegetables in the markets and buy perishable products from your hands. Caution is not superfluous.

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