Lishay during pregnancy

Lishay in pregnancy - a variety and treatment

Lishay during pregnancy, diagnosed in time and treated timely, does not present any danger to the mother, nor for the fetus. Despite the fact that lichen has different forms and in different cases manifests itself in different ways, besides it is also a contagious disease, it is easy to treat and has no serious consequences after it. It's only to the doctor-dermatologist that if there are signs that may indicate the appearance of lichen, it is necessary to apply immediately as soon as possible: the sooner the treatment is started (if there is a necessity), the faster will be the opportunity to eliminate unpleasant symptoms and prevent the spreading of lichen.

In the medical practice, several varieties of lichen are distinguished, among which:

  • pink lichen (or Zhibera zoster): first there appears the so-called "mother" spot of round shape and bright clear rim , which are slightly flaky inside. After a while on the shoulders, chest, sides, small pink oval spots appear, accompanied by itching.
  • multicolored lichen (or otrubrious): it appears with spots on the skin, the color of which can vary from yellow to brown. Usually, spots appear in places with increased sweating - in the area of ??axillary basins, on the chest or stomach. The spots can not cause any discomfort and do not itch.
  • Ringworm: most children are sick, although infection in adulthood is not excluded. It shows damage to the nail plates, the scalp, hair on the affected areas fall out. In places of falling out there are pink spots, which in the center are scaly. The disease requires isolation of patients, and sometimes hospitalization.
  • Herpes zoster: the most complex form of the disease, which is accompanied by strong pain sensations along the intercostal cavities, where bubbles filled with liquid eventually form. Later bubbles burst, and in their places a crust is formed, while the spots can be of different sizes and even merge into large foci. Although the disease is caused by the virus of type 3 herpes, there is no danger to the fetus and development does not affect the course. In this case, the danger is for the eyesight - progressing, can lead to its loss, in this connection, consultation of the dermatologist and the appointment of adequate treatment are necessary.

Treatment deprivation during pregnancy is appointed, based on its form and degree of development. Initially, it is necessary to restore and strengthen immunity, if necessary, antifungal or antiviral drugs are prescribed to block the spread of fungi and viruses, to repair damaged skin areas.

So, pink lichen, as a rule, does not need special treatment, it passes independently for 2 months. Antihistamines may be needed if the pregnant woman is worried about severe itching. At the same time, it is necessary to remove from the wardrobe tight clothes and limit water procedures. Multicolored lichen, in turn, requires the appointment of antifungal drugs, it is allowed to wipe the damaged skin with vinegar. Antifungal drugs are treated and ringworm.

Traditional medicine offers its methods of combating lichen. So, according to her advice, helps from depriving juice of onions, which need to lubricate the damaged areas of the body. Cabbage can also come to the aid: cabbage leaf, smeared with sour cream, is applied to the damaged areas. Has a curative effect and a mixture of tinctures of calendula and castor oil, mixed in equal proportions (the mixture needs to wipe lichen areas).

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