Little uterus and pregnancy

Small uterus during pregnancy - what threatens and what to expect

Causes of hypoplasia of the uterus in an adult woman can be a disease that she suffered as early as adolescence, when the formation of reproductive organs occurred. These include: hormonal failures, infectious diseases of the genitourinary system and genital organs, diseases of the nervous system, as well as a lack of some nutrients in the body. The latter refers to the situation when a girl at a young age limits herself to full-fledged food, thereby provoking deficiency of necessary elements in the body.

In order to determine how well the uterus is developed, it is required to undergo a checkup from a gynecologist and make a measurement of the uterus with ultrasound. However, there are some peculiarities here. It is important to note that in women who are nulliparous, the uterus is significantly smaller than those who have delivered them safely. In addition, given the proportions of each woman, the size of the uterus is naturally very different. A small woman with a small weight will be considered normal small size, and a woman with larger forms, therefore, is much higher. Therefore, to determine the presence or absence of pathology of the uterus, only a specialist can.

As for pregnancy, with uterine hypoplasia, there are controversial opinions. Doctors are inclined to believe that with uterine hypoplasia, the risk of severe pregnancy increases, or even absence as such. However, according to statistics, uterine hypoplasia does not contradict pregnancy and fertility. Very often, women only after childbirth find out, that their uterus was initially not large enough to carry a child. Therefore, upset, in advance it is not necessary. If, in addition to hypoplasia of the uterus, there are no pathologies - there is no reason for excitement. But if the pathology of the fallopian tubes or the lack of development of the genital organs has joined the diagnosis of hypoplasia, treatment should be carried out immediately. The fact is that these diseases lead to complications in pregnancy, and also provoke ectopic pregnancy.

Note that the uterine hypoplasia and all associated diseases are very suitable for treatment in modern medicine. Most often, experts prescribe hormonal drugs that help not only to formulate the correct hormonal background, but also contribute to the increase in the size of the uterus. In some cases, Hypoplasia of the uterus can be treated with vitamins, without resorting to hormonal treatment.

Some women with hypoplasia of the uterus can offer to increase the size of the uterus with gynecological massage. The principle of this method consists in intensive massage of reproductive organs both outside and inside. Thus, during the procedure, there is stimulation of blood circulation, which allows a little increase in the small uterus.

Well, the last thing you should pay attention to is your own attitude towards a positive result. Do not despair if the treatment requires a little more time than you would like. Tune in to what you have to get it right. Armed with the patience and support of loved ones - do not worry, believe in yourself and everything will be fine. Good luck and good health. And let on the ground there will be one more pair of happy eyes and a small, tiny ball of happiness - your baby.

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