Magnerot during pregnancy

Magnetot in pregnancy - instructions for use, feedback

It is well known that as the baby grows and develops in the womb of the mother, the need for women in useful and nutritious substances increases at times. Increases during pregnancy and the need for a trace element, such as magnesium, a deficiency which is not always possible to make up only with the consumption of foods rich in this valuable substance. And in this case, doctors can raise the question of the use of magnesium preparations, often giving preference to the medicine Magnerot.

Magnesium is one of the microelements that takes part in the metabolism, regulates the contractions of the heart muscle, facilitates the body's reactions in stressful situations. With a lack of magnesium, the need for which increases during pregnancy, the consequences can be dangerous, both for the mother and the baby.

Thus, the magnesium deficiency in the mother provokes cramps (primarily the calf muscles), can lead to spontaneous abortion or premature birth, lead to the development of preeclampsia or eclampsia. For the fetus, the lack of magnesium can be dangerous by the development of chromosomal abnormalities and embryonic malformations, cause a slowdown in development or provoke embryonic edema.

Thus, the first indications for which Magnerot is administered during pregnancy are: the threat of miscarriage or premature birth, as well as the risk of developing pre-eclampsia or eclampsia. In addition, Magneroth during pregnancy can be appointed as a preventive measure and with the aim of excluding the possible consequences of stress conditions.

Magnetot during pregnancy: instruction

You can take the drug only after consultation and with the permission of the doctor. In addition, before the appointment of a drug, it is desirable to pass a biochemical blood test to the level of magnesium. Usually Magnerot is given a sufficiently long course - at least 4-6 weeks, if necessary, can be used even longer, until the end of pregnancy.

"Standard", the most commonly practiced scheme of the drug is as follows: during the first week, 2 tablets are administered 3 times a day daily, from the 2nd week until the end of the course - 1 tablet 3 times each day. If there is a need for long-term use of Magnnerot in pregnancy, after 4-6 weeks of treatment, one tablet of the drug may be administered daily. Take the tablets should be an hour or 4 hours after eating, squeezed with a small amount of water.

In most cases, the drug Magneroth during pregnancy is well tolerated. In rare cases, side effects are possible in the form of short-term stool disorders. More often such symptoms accompany treatment with increased doses of the drug and are eliminated by correcting the dosage. Also, side effects on the background of treatment Magneterot may be allergic reactions (urticaria, skin itch, swelling), with the development of which should always consult a doctor.

Contraindicated drug people with kidney disease (acute or chronic kidney failure, urolithiasis). In addition, Magnerot is not prescribed for pregnancy in women with increased sensitivity to the components of the drug. When buying a medicine, you should always look into the expiration date: Magnerot is suitable for use for 5 years after manufacturing. At the expiration of the expiration date, it is better not to use the product - in order to avoid negative consequences.

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