Maltofer during pregnancy

Maltofer during pregnancy - instructions for use, reviews

What is the purpose of Maltofer during pregnancy?

Maltofer is a synthetic drug that pharmacists add to the category of vitamin remedies. It is designed to compensate for iron deficiency in the body, as well as to prevent the development of iron deficiency anemia. Therefore, very often appointed Maltofer during pregnancy, at the stage of her planning and after childbirth.

Maltofer is available in several pharmaceutical forms. When pregnancy is most often prescribed chewable tablets, in particular Maltofer Fol, which also contain folic acid. First, the body of a pregnant woman always experiences an increased need for this substance, secondly, in combination with folic acid (and also with vitamin C) iron is digested better.

In addition to the tablets, Maltoefer is also available in the form of a syrup, drops and a solution for ingestion (ORC).

Dosage and administration

Depending on the chosen form of the drug, as well as the severity of anemia, Maltofer during pregnancy is used in a different dosage, which together with the duration of therapy should be prescribed only by a doctor! As a rule, with severe anemia during pregnancy, 2-3 tablets, 20-30 ml of syrup, 80-120 drops or 2-3 ORC per day are taken. With latent iron deficiency, these dosages are reduced by half or three times.

For better digestibility, Maltofer during pregnancy should be taken during or just after eating. The tablet can be chewed or swallowed whole if desired. If necessary, the drops can be diluted in any non-alcoholic beverage.

Be ready to change the color of the stool on the background of taking the medicine (more specifically, to darken it), since unassembled iron is excreted along with the calves.

In the first trimester, Maltofer is not assigned because of the lack of clinical data on the effects on the fetus. In general, no teratogenic effect of Maltoffer on the embryo was noted, so the drug is considered safe for use during pregnancy.


But not all women are in a hurry to drink Maltofer during pregnancy, preferring to prevent and treat anemia with folk remedies.

Many of those, that took Maltofer during the period of gestation, experienced adverse reactions from the drug, but also the lack of the desired effect. Most often due to Maltofer's intake, according to reviews, nausea and constipation develops, but the sensation of heaviness in epigastric and stomach, diarrhea, rash and other manifestations of allergic reactions is also possible. The latter is not at all strange: in fact, in the composition of Maltofer, chocolate essence and flavorings. If to this still add a low assimilation of synthetic vitamins in principle, then in favor of such therapy, indeed, one can doubt.

However, there are women who helped Maltofer during pregnancy to raise the low level of hemoglobin.

In any case, taking Maltofer during pregnancy without prescribing a doctor is by no means possible. Contraindications to the drug should also be considered, among which there is an excess in the body of iron, a violation of the processing of iron, as well as anemia of a different origin (not associated with iron deficiency).

And finally. You must understand that, firstly, some reduction in hemoglobin in the blood of a pregnant woman is inevitable. Secondly, it is necessary from the very first weeks to deal with the prevention of anemia, adjust your diet and always have a lot of walking outdoors.

Health to you, safe pregnancy and easy delivery!

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