Massage for pregnant women

Can I get pregnant with a massage?

A beneficial effect of the massage is written and said a lot. But one thing is just a massage, completely different - a pregnant massage. The first question that a woman asks, feeling what she is carrying under the child's heart - from what, usual in everyday life, she needs to refuse, so as not to harm her baby? So, from the massage should not be refused, on the contrary, doctors even recommend it to pregnant women.

Is it possible to make a massage for a pregnant woman

Who should massage, how, with what frequency and where can massage the body of a future mother?

Before answering these questions, it should be noted that the decision to hold a professional massage of a pregnant woman is taken by a doctor who observes a woman, since in addition to general contraindications to massage, there are also individual ones that are manifested depending on the course of pregnancy,

A common warning for all expectant mothers is not to abuse the massage in the first three months of pregnancy, because the effect on so-called, "Aborting zones" on the body of a woman (sacrum, coccyx, Achilles tendon, heel and base of the thumb) can provoke a violation of the normal course of pregnancy, up to a spontaneous interruption. That is why holding a massage is undesirable in the first trimester of pregnancy, when this danger is especially high. In a short time pregnancy and massage are compatible only in the form of self-massage, these are easy strokes performed by oneself or close people. Such a light massage will be useful throughout the pregnancy, it relaxes and calms not only the mother, but also the baby.

The massage for a pregnant woman is different, above all, by the ease and tenderness of the movements. Massage during pregnancy alleviates pain in the spine, neck, waist, hips, as well as legs and feet, relaxes tight muscles. It helps to reduce and relieve swelling, favorably affects the improvement of well-being, stress relief and general fatigue; improves blood circulation, which favorably affects the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the cells of the child and mother.

You can also massage at home. It is important to learn the massage. You can trust the execution of your loved one. This is a very pleasant and deeply family process, when you can feel the warmth and care of your beloved husband's hands. In the nature of massage it is especially important that in addition to physical impact on the body massage also has a favorable psychological effect on the woman: relaxes, soothes. Regular massage during pregnancy will be able to establish and establish a pleasant emotional background for a future mother. The development of endorphins during massage and blood circulation have a beneficial effect on the body, giving a feeling of lightness and a good mood. Massage during pregnancy removes fatigue and fills with positive plans and excellent mood.

You can perform massage using essential oils. Some of the types of oils can be allergens, so before massaging it is important to find out whether there is a reaction to this particular kind of oil. This can be done by dropping one drop of oil on the skin, after a while checking the reaction. With swelling and redness or itching of the area, this kind of oil can not be used.

Different types of aromatic oils with massage have effective effects. Some of them, for example, lavender, sandalwood and cypress oil, can remove puffiness in the back, and the oils of cedar and juniper can prevent varicose veins on the legs.

The main zones, which are affected by the massage, are the back, neck and shoulder girdle, legs and hands. Many women perform special types of massage, for example, anti-cellulite, and are interested in whether it is possible to continue the procedure with the onset of pregnancy. In addition, during this period, another "piquant" version of the massage becomes relevant - in the perineal region.

Back massage

A back and neck massage will help reduce the strain on the spinal column caused by the growth of the chest and abdomen. After all, as the duration of pregnancy increases, so does the load: the spine flexes, the center of gravity shifts, muscles become more tensed. Back massage can be a wonderful way to relieve the state of health of a pregnant woman, but it should be approached with caution.

The technique and technique of massage changes at all stages of pregnancy. If at the beginning of pregnancy a woman can lie on her stomach and the masseur can calmly massage her legs, back, waist, pelvis, then for 7-8 months a woman is no longer desirable to lie on her stomach. She must either lie on her side, or sit on a chair during the session.

In addition, the beginning always follows from easy stroking movements, and the more intensive exposure is better not to be done at all, if the person conducting the massage is not aware of the location of active points on the body.

Foot massage

More and more necessary may be a foot massage, especially if they swell. On its feet it is necessary, perhaps, the biggest load, after all the burden becomes heavier with each month. Whether walking or prolonged sitting, the legs are equally tired, especially in the third trimester.

Hand and foot massage activates blood circulation, improves the performance of all systems and organs by acting on biologically active points. Pregnant, to whom husbands do foot massage, you can only envy. Massage of the legs - the procedure is not only anesthetizing, but also completely soothing. If it is convenient to settle down, create a pleasant relaxing atmosphere (muffled lighting, quiet quiet music), then with the help of just such a massage the woman is fully restored and "reboots": thoughts, mood, mental and physical state as a whole change! And even such a massage, held before bed, - an excellent remedy for insomnia.

Carrying a foot massage pregnant, should pay special attention to the feet and calf muscles. Pressures should be smooth and moderate, and the movements should not be fussy. Thus it is necessary to avoid pressure on the area of ??veins, especially if there is a predisposition to varicose veins.

Massage of the abdomen

Massage of the abdomen, usually, is carried out in order to get rid of fat deposits in this area. But during pregnancy, this kind of massage will have to be forgotten. The stomach is now the most vulnerable and most important part of your body, protecting the baby from mechanical damage.

But if the expectant mother feels the need for exposure to this zone, a light massage can be performed with the purpose of relaxation and pleasure. More often it is self-massage, at which the woman strokes the abdomen, communicating in this way with the baby. But, without knowing it herself, she simultaneously provides herself with several other services: stroking increases the muscle tone of the abdominal skin (which serves as the prevention of the appearance of stretch marks), improves the functioning of the digestive tract, can help overcome nausea.

While doing a stomach massage, it is best to move the hand in the clockwise direction.

Anti-cellulite massage

As for anti-cellulite massage, almost all of its types are prohibited for use during the period of bearing of the child. There are opinions that some of them can still be conducted to future mothers, but doctors do not advise this. At least, because the fight against cellulite during this period is meaningless: the formation of fat deposits during pregnancy is programmed by nature. One should not be upset about this and exaggerate the tragedy of the situation: rounded buttocks and replenished thighs, if desired, can be returned to the old form after your body is restored after the birth of the child.

Perineal massage

In late terms, immediately before childbirth, certain types of massage can also be used, stimulating the woman's body and allowing to accelerate and facilitate the course of childbirth. This procedure is carried out by a specialist. Along with the right breathing, such a massage will save you from stress and pain before and during childbirth.

In late terms, you can and even need to do a massage of the genitals, as it is aimed at improving muscle elasticity, is able to strengthen the flow of blood, ie, to prepare muscles to avoid ruptures during childbirth.

Massage rules for pregnant women

Summing up, let's pay attention once again to the basic rules that must be observed when performing a massage during pregnancy:

  • perform without pressure, without strength, relaxed hand;
  • stroking the back, buttocks, legs, hands are slow, but rhythmically;
  • Trituration is done slowly, without pressure;
  • there is no reception "kneading" of the underlying tissues;
  • vibration is performed by the fingers;
  • The stomach is not massaged. Only slightly strokes. And it's better if the pregnant woman herself does this;
  • if necessary, a woman, lying on her stomach, can put a pillow under her legs;
  • the massage time of pregnant women is limited to 30 - 45 minutes.

Another important point: during pregnancy, you should stop using various kinds of massage devices, using vibrating massage belts, electro and myostimulators can have negative consequences not only for women, but also for the child.

Contraindications and cautions

But still there are cases when massage is not only useless, but can even harm the health. All is not so difficult - common for all pregnant contraindications for massage are the same as in ordinary massage:

  1. high temperature;
  2. ARI;
  3. before you think about a massage during pregnancy, find out if you have blood diseases, because some of them massage is also contraindicated;
  4. Massage is also undesirable if you have skin disease;
  5. purulent processes of any localization;
  6. acute inflammation of the blood vessels and lymph nodes, thrombosis, pronounced varicose veins;
  7. heart disease;
  8. some diseases of the abdominal cavity;
  9. disorders of intestinal function;
  10. chronic osteomyelitis;
  11. tumors;
  12. asthma in neglected state;
  13. severe back pain;
  14. Toxicosis and fluid retention in the body.
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    In addition, your own dislike or reluctance can be a contraindication. If the touch of another person will cause you unpleasant sensations, it is better to give up the massage or just self-massage.

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