Masturbation after childbirth

Is it possible to masturbate after childbirth?

Is it possible to masturbate after childbirth?

Sexual desire in a woman can occur within a week after delivery. Do not be scared. Such a desire is a norm, a physiological need. A woman can masturbate, if her health allows. What are we talking about? First of all, about the general state of health, namely about an unusual malaise, fever, weight and pain in the lower abdomen, tenderness of the mammary glands. Newly mum should listen to your body, because postpartum complications can develop even a few days after delivery, when everything seems to be coming back to normal.

Refuse to masturbate when the secretions have increased, their smell has become unpleasant. Vaginal bleeding is normal in women should gradually decrease. If everything happens exactly the opposite, then this can be a signal of infection. With severe bleeding, the general well-being of the woman will also worsen, because a large loss of blood leads to anemia. The soreness of the sutures is another reason to give up masturbation. Stimulation of the perineal tissues will only harm, aggravate the condition and may even provoke bleeding.

Injuries to the uterus exclude all kinds of sex and self-satisfaction. With such pathologies, a woman will hardly want to think about sexual arousal, since the pain syndrome is very strong. With uterine trauma, as well as in the presence of postpartum complications, a woman should discuss with the doctor the period of possible restoration of intimate relationships. And for sure it will be later than 6 weeks after the birth of the baby.

If there are no obstacles to masturbation in a woman, then the observance of ideal purity is a prerequisite. It's about the hygiene of genital organs, objects, hands. Do not forget that the inner surface of the uterus after the appearance of the baby is not protected from infection. In fact, this is an open wound. While the female body is not ready for a full intimate life, affection should be limited solely to external genital organs.

Why after the birth of women want to masturbate

Getting sexual satisfaction - a normal desire at any age. And in the postpartum period, it occurs in many women because it is an opportunity to reduce stress. Self-satisfaction causes an orgasm, in which the body produces substances that cause muscles to relax. At this time, the mind is freed from unpleasant thoughts, fears, cares. Another reason why a woman wants to engage in self-satisfaction is the desire to do something for herself. The newborn always requires a lot of attention. This is an increase in economic responsibilities in the form of washing, boiling dishes, ironing, cooking for themselves a diet. Time for yourself (for example, a traditional visit to a cosmetologist, yoga or massage) is not enough. Therefore, in short intervals of free time, Mom wants to pamper yourself with pleasant sensations.

It should be noted that orgasm accelerates the recovery period after childbirth. Reduction of the uterus and perineum promotes the return of the reproductive organs to their original, natural size, and restores their tone.

Another reason that causes the female sex to engage in self-satisfaction is the desire to return to the old life that was before the birth of a son or daughter. Young mothers in the first weeks after the appearance of crumbs are confused, depressed, tired. Many suffer from postpartum depression, because their lives are now fundamentally different from the old. Masturbation helps such women to relax, to reconnect with a past, freer life.

And also self-satisfaction serves as a kind of compensation for the lack of sexuality and the desire to feel affinity with the spouse.

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