Mikrolaks before childbirth

Mikrolux before the birth - why and when?

What is Mikrolux?

Microlax is a microclyster and is used for a full purification of the intestine. He is a good alternative to standard procedures, since the future mother does not have to suffer with a rubber pear. Sorbitol, sodium citrate and sodium lauryl sulfoacetate are present in this medication. There are also such components as water, glycerol and sorbic acid.

Sorbitol attracts more liquid into the intestine, and due to this, the volume of the stool mass increases and its subsequent softening occurs. This stimulates active intestinal peristalsis and facilitates the emptying process. Sodium compounds in the formulation of the drug contribute to the early separation of water, the final liquefaction of the contents in the intestine and the complete excretion of excreta.

The components of Mikrolux do not enter the blood. This is why this medication is allowed to be taken by pregnant women. Contraindication to its use is individual hypersensitivity to the composition of microclysters, as well as the presence of anal fissures, internal hemorrhoids.

The single-valued advantage of the drug is the complete absence of side effects. But it should be remembered that a sharp exit of fecal masses can cause the appearance of small wounds and painful sensations.

Why should I take Mikrolux before delivery?

If a pregnant woman has constipation, then laxative agents of local action must be used. Familiar for many medications can cause a future mother to increase the tone of the uterus, to cause miscarriage or childbirth in the early stages. Microlax is not absorbed by the walls of the intestine, saving it from accumulated contents. Also, it does not affect the uterine muscles and does not provoke the onset of contractions during pregnancy. Thus, the drug is completely safe for both the mother and her baby.

When the birth activity is activated, women need to empty the intestine, and the best solution will be the use of microclysters. It is an excellent alternative and has a more gentle effect, it does not deliver painful sensations and is more convenient to use. Certainly, comfort in this matter does not play a big role, but for many women it is really important to prevent defecation during the appearance of the baby.

With all the positive properties, the agent acts aggressively enough and intensifies the pain that is already present in the bouts, and can also provoke a too sharp opening of the uterus. But in this case, you need to worry about your own health, since accidental ingestion of stool in the vagina does not preclude the development of a serious infection.

Microlax is classified as a laxative that provokes the defecation process. It has the form of a tube with a tip, which should be inserted into the anus. Before use, you need to squeeze out a small amount of money on the tip, since glycerin will reduce the level of unpleasant sensations. The contents of the bottle are designed for only one use. And the effect comes already in fifteen minutes after the introduction of the substance.

The main advantages of using such microclysters are the lightning result and ease of use. Moreover, the cleansing procedure can be done independently in comfortable conditions just before the trip to the hospital. It is especially good that the composition of the medicine is as safe as possible for the mother and her future baby. It is not recommended to use Mikrolaks if the amniotic fluid has already passed, and the uterus has opened.

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