Mineral water during pregnancy

Is it possible to drink mineral water during pregnancy?

Sweet soda is taboo!

Sometimes pregnant women continue to consume sweet soda water, which they loved very much before the advent of an interesting situation. This is extremely harmful! Sugar, gases, a huge amount of dyes and fragrances not only will not be of use, but can also cause great harm to the body. It should be known that the results of the studies have proved that the use of large doses of sweet carbonated water doubles the risk of developing pancreatic cancer. This body "does not like" the sweet, combined with the chemical components of sweetness, have an extremely negative effect on the pancreas. Therefore, pregnant women do not need to succumb to such a risk.

Which mineral water to choose?

Mineral water is considered the best drink to quench your thirst. But do not buy the water that is most advertised, because "useful" on the assurances of advertisers water can be harmful. Let's look at the reasons.

Today there are three types of mineral water. The first is a dining room with a mineralization of 1 gram per liter. The second is a medical-dining room, the mineralization of which is 1-8 grams per liter. The third - therapeutic with a mineralization of more than 10 grams per liter. Of these three species, only table mineral water can be consumed by a pregnant woman without restrictions. Such water will not harm her body.

The medicinal-dining room and especially the medicinal water (and this, for example, "Essentuki" and "Borjomi") can be appointed pregnant only by a doctor if there are appropriate indications. After all, the healing water is meant for treatment. Such mineral water is a medicine. Agree that you will not eat tablets only because, what do you want to eat? So with mineral medicinal water. From the unreasonable use of such water, there are diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and kidney pathologies. To avoid this, a pregnant woman should carefully read the label before buying a mineral water.

Pregnant table mineral water is recommended for use in toxicosis in the first trimester. It helps to cope with nausea. In the third trimester, carbon dioxide on the contrary can trigger heartburn.

Scientists have recorded interesting statistics: the more mineral water a woman uses before conception, the better it will be during pregnancy for her well-being. They also established another relationship: up to 40% of children's early childhood illnesses are related to the quality of water consumed by the mother during the breastfeeding period of the child.

The norm of liquid intake for a healthy pregnant woman is 7-8 glasses a day. Daily it can use table mineral water. It has few salts, but unlike tap water, this water is much safer, does not contain chlorine, metals and other harmful substances.

Do not buy artificially mineralized water. The reason is that unscrupulous manufacturers, under its guise, sell ordinary purified water, adding salt to it. The taste is unlikely to distinguish a fake.

Today, the problem of fetal hypoxia, that is, oxygen deficiency, is acute. If the future mother does not have much in the open air, then oxygen enrichment is also possible through the digestive system with the help of oxygen-containing mineral water. It is called oxygenated. This water increases the vitality, activates the immune system. It is for this reason that Caucasian women always gave birth to strong and healthy children. They in fact constantly drink the oxygenated water of mountain mineral springs.

So, pregnant women are useful only table mineral water and oxygenated. Other types of mineral water should be prescribed only by a doctor. We wish that there is no need for such appointments.

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