Mint tea during pregnancy

Can I drink mint tea during pregnancy?

Today we will pay special attention to mint tea. Let's consider, whether it is possible to drink it during pregnancy, than grass drink is useful.

Useful mint

Everyone knows if not the taste, the flavor of mint. The plant perfectly soothes and normalizes sleep, and this is what you need during pregnancy. Moreover, mint tea is an excellent alternative to medicines that are forbidden to future mothers.

Unlike essential oil, mint plant is allowed during pregnancy, but only in reasonable quantities. For example, 1-2 cups of a fragrant drink will not prevent, but on the contrary, will be useful to women in the situation.

As you know, feelings and fears about pregnancy and forthcoming births are inherent in almost all women. So: mint tea can calm the nervous system, eliminate panic fear and anxiety of expectant mothers. This effect positively affects the condition of the pregnant, and therefore, on the well-being of the baby. After all, if the mother is calm, then the child is comfortable in her "house".

In addition, the healing drink perfectly copes with early toxicosis, which gives a lot of trouble to women. Mint tea improves the functionality of the digestive system, relieves nausea and swelling, constipation and stomach disorders. And if a woman is pestered with frequent dizziness, then mint tea and with this symptom will cope perfectly.

And with a cold and various diseases, a drink made of mint becomes an indispensable medicine, especially for pregnant women, who are not allowed to take medication. The plant has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and analgesic properties. That is why vegetable tea is effective for colds (and not only) diseases.

The curative drink also allows you to cope with edema and prevent varicose veins, which is so common in pregnancy. Also tea with mint perfectly solves the intimate side of the question: it increases libido in women.

Thanks to such healing features, doctors not only allow, but also recommend drinking peppermint tea during the baby's bearing. But in everything you need to observe the measure, because with various disorders and pathologies, a good drink can do much harm.

When a mint drink can be dangerous?

Many people think that mint tea does not have contraindications. But, alas, this is not so. The fact is that the properties of mint in some cases may turn out to be harmful. Therefore, before tea drinking, you should always consult your doctor.

To make a mint drink good, follow these guidelines:

  1. This plant contains estrogens, which in large quantities can provoke miscarriage or premature birth activity. Therefore, drink a day no more than 1-2 cups. After three or four days, take a short break (a day or two).
  2. If you have an allergy to peppermint, then it is better to give up the drink, as this will negatively affect the baby's condition.
  3. If you have problems with blood pressure, you should use the drink carefully, especially for hypotonic patients. The fact is that tea lowers the pressure.
  4. If you have problems with kidneys or liver, you should not get carried away with a mint drink.
  5. The plant has a negative effect on lactation, so in the last months of pregnancy you need to exclude mint tea from the woman's drinking ration.
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    In conclusion, I want to note that tea made from mint can be both useful and dangerous. After all, herbal drinks, like all medicinal plants, should be consumed with extreme caution. Each organism reacts differently to mint tea. But if you adhere to caution and moderation, then it is unlikely he will harm you. In addition, your body and itself will tell you when you can drink it, and when you need to refuse.

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