Miscarriage at an early age

Early miscarriage - symptoms, signs and causes

Many pregnant women know about the threat of miscarriage, but not everyone has information about its causes, symptoms, consequences. So, let's try to understand these issues.

Many women get into a situation when? already adapting to the new responsibility for the life of the future child, it is necessary to lose it & hellip; Miscarriages in the early stages of pregnancy according to statistics are not a situation out of the ordinary. For a number of reasons, every eighth woman's pregnancy ends with such a lamentable result. Yes, it's stress, disappointment. But this is not a verdict and is not & bdquo; point & rdquo; in the opportunity to become a mother.

Many pregnant women know about the threat of miscarriage, but not everyone has information about its causes, symptoms, consequences. So, let's try to understand these issues.

Causes of miscarriage

Doctors call miscarriage spontaneous abortion for up to 22 weeks. If this occurs before the 12th week, miscarriage (spontaneous abortion) is detected at an early stage, in the period from 12 to 22 weeks - at a late one. After this period, it is considered that premature birth occurs.

Unfortunately, in a certain category of women, spontaneous abortions occur every pregnancy, and this is called a "habitual miscarriage". The causes of this sad phenomenon can be both a number of problems, and their apparent absence. In many cases, the cause of miscarriage is the first abortion, that is, the interruption of the first pregnancy, hormonal disruptions, inflammatory diseases of women. Sometimes spontaneous abortion occurs after trauma (abdominal stroke), beating, after nervous overstrain, stress. Most of the miscarriages provoke hormonal failures. So, with a lack of progesterone in the body of a woman, there is a threat of termination of pregnancy. Other possible causes of miscarriage include autoimmune factors, anomalies in the development of the uterus, and infections.

If it is a question of a short period of pregnancy, then its spontaneous interruption is considered to be a measure of salvation for future parents. In this way, the body rejects a weak fruit, in which there are chromosomal abnormalities that are incompatible with life.

Symptoms of miscarriage

A pregnant woman must pay attention to the main symptoms of miscarriage: brown discharge with a trace of blood and pain in the lower abdomen. With abundant bleeding, it is unlikely that the fruit will be saved, when the excretions have the character & rdquo; ointments & rdquo; , the timely assistance of a doctor can save a future child's life. With the onset of abortion, pain and discharge intensify, the woman weakens, feels dizzy. Do not try to tolerate the ailments, and urgently seek medical attention and go to the hospital if the doctor requires it. The threat of miscarriage is treated quite successfully. Unfortunately, a complete miscarriage does not have a back stroke and only an abortion remains.

Women need to know that spontaneous early termination of an abortion can sometimes be asymptomatic. That is, a woman can take a bleeding for the usual painful periods without knowing that she was pregnant. Very rarely spontaneous abortion occurs simultaneously and the fetus with the membranes leaves the uterus entirely.

Possible consequences of miscarriage

Spontaneous abortion in the early stages in most cases, serious problems for women are not threatened. They can appear in the case when a miscarriage is caused by "folk" means, that is, independently and consciously. Then, after the incident, there may be pieces of the fetus or shell in the uterus. And the longer the gestation period, the greater the chances of these residues appearing. Therefore, in Russia, doctors prefer to conduct a curettage of the uterus in prophylactic purposes. After this, a control ultrasound is performed.

Women who survive spontaneous abortion are at increased risk of recurrence of the situation only when its cause is not established or cured. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the pregnancy that was interrupted in this way. This is not a "seal" for the rest of life, not a sentence. You need to understand the reason for the miscarriage, rest, gain strength and turn the bitter page of your life. With new strength, recovering, planning ahead of time in advance, one should hope for a calm and healthy course. The long-awaited joy of motherhood is bound to come!

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