Mistaken pregnancy

Mistaken pregnancy

An erroneous pregnancy, according to experts, never occurs without psychological and emotional prerequisites. With such a pregnancy, people, as a rule, are emotionally unstable, often - even people who are subject to mental disorders. Why people? Why is the issue not limited to women only? As it is not terrible, but in rare cases, physicians observe the symptoms of false pregnancy even in men, but this "embarrassment" so far happened only if they have a serious form of mental disorders, for example, schizophrenia.

The pathological condition called "mistaken pregnancy" arises, as doctors say, in most cases against the background of the strongest, simply irresistible desire of a woman to become pregnant. This often occurs in women who suffer from infertility and are at the age of 35-40 years. The cause of the occurrence of false pregnancy can also be, on the contrary, in the female fear of pregnancy and unwillingness at this stage to bear and give birth to a child. In the risk group - excessively excitable women with unstable psyche, acutely responsive to everything, with regard to children; Women who in the past have lost a child or have a sad experience of miscarriage.

It is known that the brain and today remains the only practically unexplored human organ. How does a woman manage to "rebuild" his work so that by autosuggestion to achieve the body's reaction to an erroneous pregnancy, as a natural pregnancy - and today remains a mystery. And the mystery lies in the fact that a mistaken pregnancy has the same symptoms as a natural pregnancy: a woman so wants (or does not want) to have a baby, that she has a delay in menstruation, there may be signs of an early toxicosis, there is an increase in mammary glands, there is an increase in weight, in rare cases, even the stomach begins to grow and colostrum stand out. Scientists explain such symptoms by physiological "reorganization" of the body under the influence of auto-suggestion.

Say, the delay of menstruation occurs against the background of hormonal disorders, which in most cases are associated with mental and nervous disorders. The abdomen, if there is an erroneous pregnancy, begins to grow due to impaired intestinal function, weight gain is explained by the excessive development of the subcutaneous fat layer of the anterior abdominal wall. Some women who have been dealing with pseudo-embarrassment, even claim that at times they had a feeling of wiggling the fetus. This is also a consequence of a violation of the intestinal motility, doctors are sure.

An erroneous pregnancy is diagnosed during a woman's gynecological examination: as a rule, in the absence of a fetus, absent and characteristic signs of pregnancy, such as softening and cyanosis of the uterus, enlarged and soft uterus. In principle, an imaginary pregnancy determines even an ordinary pregnancy test - a non-pregnant woman in the urine lacks the hormone chorionic gonadotropin, which is worked by the fetal cells, it also changes the color of the dough strips. For reasons that have not yet been clarified, in some cases in case of mistaken pregnancy even a test shows a positive result. Then, to confirm the diagnosis, you will need ultrasound, and in difficult cases - immunological and biological studies, extensive radiography of the abdominal cavity.

The treatment of an erroneous pregnancy will largely depend on the situation, on how the woman perceived the news about the lack of a real pregnancy in her. Often the diagnosis of "false pregnancy" becomes for her a real shock, she will cope with it, first of all, relatives and close people. Quite often you may need the help of a psychologist, in more severe cases - a psychiatrist who should help a woman get rid of feelings of anxiety, anxiety and guilt, eliminate the effects of stress. The mainthe origin of an erroneous pregnancy - insidious "games of reason", experts are sure. So, in order to first prevent, and in case of its occurrence, to overcome the consequences of imaginary pregnancy, it is necessary to initially put in order the thoughts.

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