Modern methods of infertility treatment

Modern methods of infertility treatment

Diagnosis of the disease

Recall that infertility can be both female and male. Therefore, before starting treatment of the disease, it is necessary to identify the cause, which negatively affects the reproductive function of a person. As practice shows, most often infertility develops against the background of anomalies and underdevelopment of the pelvic organs; with hormonal disorders; because of previous infectious and viral diseases. To learn the root cause of the pathology today it is possible with the help of taking tests, ultrasound, laparoscopy and other diagnostic techniques. The referral to the full examination of the patient is appointed by the doctor.

Infertility treatment methods

In modern medicine, two categories of therapeutic techniques are used to combat infertility. The first presupposes the occurrence of pregnancy by natural means. The second - with the use of assisted reproductive technologies. The method of therapy is selected by a specialist, taking into account the diagnosis and age of the patient.

Treatment of female infertility

If the cause of problems with conception of crumbs are hormonal disorders in the body of a potential mother, then she is prescribed a special medication. These medicines contain analogues of hormones that women do not have enough to fulfill their cherished dream of being a mother. Hormonal drugs are also used to stimulate the process of ovulation. When infertility is manifested due to impaired patency of the fallopian tubes, experts recommend surgery - hysteroscopy or laparoscopy. With serious abnormalities of the reproductive system that can not be medicated, a woman is offered to use the method of extracorporeal fertilization (IVF). In this case, a donor egg is used. Also used in the treatment of female infertility is intrauterine insemination (ICSI). Many obstetric and gynecological clinics provide this service today.

Treatment of male infertility

In identifying serious problems with the reproductive system in the stronger sex, they are also advised to use the IVF method. Spermatozoa are placed in the ovule surgically. With a low quality of sperm and the presence of antibodies, as well as with small sperm motility, the ICSI method is used.

Microsurgical treatment of male infertility is prescribed for those patients in whom the patency of the seminal pathways is impaired. In other cases, therapy is not much different from a woman's treatment. If a man has problems with hormones - he is prescribed hormone therapy. To eliminate infectious diseases of the genitals use antibacterial drugs.

Summing up

We examined the most well-known methods of treating infertility in men and women. In most cases, they help already desperate couples become parents during the first year of therapy. Therefore, if you have problems with the conception of a child, then do not delay with a visit to the doctor. Infertility is a serious problem that requires medication intervention. But I do not need to fixate on illness either. Well-known is the fact that when women and men "release the situation" and cease to worry about the lack of children, the long-awaited pregnancy comes.

Try to simply switch from thinking about your infertility to something good. Take a vacation, change the situation, enjoy each other alone. Set yourself up for what you will surely be parents when the time comes. In the meantime, just enjoy life. This attitude will help to cure infertility 100%, we are sure of it.

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