Montgomery's tubercles during pregnancy

Montgomery's tubercles during pregnancy - features, role, treatment for inflammation

What is the role of Montgomery's bumps?

For many women, they are the first signs of pregnancy. After all, Montgomery's tubercles, which are present in the nipple region of the mammary glands, begin to increase in the first weeks of pregnancy. In some women, this occurs even a few days after conception. Therefore Montgomery's tubercles, peculiar small pimples, to some extent are harbingers of pregnancy. They are also called rudimentary mammary glands.

Each woman has a different number: from 8 to 12 pieces. Medical statistics indicate that in some women, Montgomery's tubercles increase only after delivery, when the period of breastfeeding begins. Their increase is considered an absolutely normal phenomenon in pregnancy, it is not dangerous at all.

Today in medicine, there is no consensus on what the significance of Montgomery's tubercles is. There is an assumption that they are reshaped sebaceous glands, which have some bactericidal properties and protect the nipple area from drying with the help of a secreted lipoid secret. At the same time, there were recorded cases when these tubercles produced milk or colostrum. Therefore, according to another version of Montgomery's tubercle, these are rudiments of the mammary glands. The third version is that the above-mentioned hillocks are peculiar & bdquo; bridge & rdquo; between the dairy and sebaceous glands. One of the luminaries of medicine in the field of obstetrics, Professor Benois Shaal believes that the Montgomery hillocks are a source of odor, which has a special purpose for the newborn.

Regardless of the versions about the significance of these tubercles, a direct relationship between them and the future baby has been proved by medicine. Namely: the more Montgomery's tubercles in a pregnant woman, the more she will have milk, the better and better will be the breastfeeding of the baby after his birth. This means that it will develop better.

Inflammations of Montgomery's tubercles

It happens that some pregnant women feel a slight inflammation of these tubercles. It can be accompanied by even redness of the area of ??the mammary glands, pain in them. But this pain is not strong. She is tolerant, but unpleasant. Sometimes painful are only touching the tubercles. A pregnant woman should know that in the presence of such inflammation, in no case should anything be heated, applied to the area of ??the mammary glands and even more so to squeeze out these formations, that is, to show any kind of amateur activity in the form of treatment of inflammation is strictly prohibited.

If there are such inflammations, the pregnant woman should inform her gynecologist about it. He can prescribe appropriate treatment. Preparations for such cases are not strong, because in the mother's womb a child develops, to which medication can negatively affect. It is for this reason that the doctor appoints sparing therapy, perhaps even a homeopathic form, that is, phytotherapeutic agents.

From all of the above, it follows that a woman who discovered Montgomery's tubercles during pregnancy should not worry and immediately consult a doctor about this. This is a normal, natural phenomenon. To inform your gynecologist about inflammation of tubercles is necessary, and before that - do not engage in self-medication.

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