Monthly in early pregnancy

Can there be periods in the early pregnancy?

Yes, it really happens. Only call it a full-fledged menstruation is unlikely. Rather, it is a menstrual-like discharge, which, as a rule, differ from normal menstruation by quantity (meager) and duration (2-3 days). What is menstruation? In simple words, this is a periodic local bleeding of the non-pregnant uterus, that is, it arises precisely because of unsuccessful pregnancy. On the contrary, in the life of every healthy woman of childbearing age, amenorrhea (absence of menstruation) occurs during pregnancy. If the pregnancy has occurred, and so called & ldquo; monthly & rdquo; go - urgently consult a gynecologist. Do not listen to your friends that this is the norm and Aunt Zina from the fifth floor found out about what awaits the baby, on the seventh month, afterwards having given birth to a healthy crumb. In fact, the causes of bleeding may be several: this is the threat of miscarriage, and the possibility of ectopic pregnancy, and hormonal changes, as well as infectious and inflammatory processes of internal genital organs.

Let's not deny that in the first months of pregnancy minor bleeding may occur, coinciding with possible periods of menstruation, because these days are critical, and with hormonal deficiency these days, detachment of the fetal egg is possible. But, again, if this process is quite common and the detachment is large, then a miscarriage occurs. If the place of detachment is insignificant, the fetus is retained in the uterus and pregnancy is preserved. Such a phenomenon in the people is called "washing the fetus". For a long time, when the ultrasound was not yet, and it was simply impossible to see the detachment, in cases when bloody discharge the pregnancy was good and healthy children were born, and the opinion appeared that the "monthly" during pregnancy is the norm.

Is the continuation of menstrual periods during pregnancy for the child itself dangerous? On the one hand, yes. After all, a mother who is unaware of pregnancy can lead an unhealthy lifestyle: smoking, drinking alcohol, taking antibiotics and other drugs that are undesirable for the fetus - all this is not very good for the developing pusher. And in this case it is difficult to establish a time limit. But still, if the child is coveted - continue to wear pregnancy and do not be afraid that because of bleeding he will be born a weak, sick, with vices, because hormones do not influence the formation of the fetus, his organs and systems.

It is worth noting that the critical pregnancy terms are 4-5, 8-9 and 12-13 weeks. Take care at this time especially, and in case of need - consult a doctor. This will be the key to a happy pregnancy and, later, a happy motherhood.

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