Monthly in pregnancy

Whether there are monthly during pregnancy?

Bleeding early in pregnancy

Theoretically, menstruation with a normal course of pregnancy is not possible. But sometimes bleeding occurs around the time when the schedule should start monthly. The nature of such bleeding is significantly different from the traditional menstrual period for a woman. This also makes you alert, because such a situation is a deviation from the norm and requires medical intervention.

Sometimes menstruation in the early stages of misleading a woman. She thinks that everything in the body is on schedule and does not suspect her pregnancy. The situation is sometimes aggravated by the fact that the pregnancy test also gives a negative result. Therefore, there are situations when pregnant women up to 3-4 months are not aware of their situation. Yes, it is rather an exception to the rules. But women should be aware of such situations. After all, early diagnosis of pregnancy is always the main factor of its preservation.

In order to argue the impossibility of menstruation during pregnancy, you need to remember the anatomy. The uterus of a woman consists of an external mucous layer, middle and inner mucosal layer (endometrium). Each of them fulfills its mission. The moving layer of the uterus of the endometrium grows in the first half of the cycle in order to maintain pregnancy. That is, the thickening of the endometrium is the basis for the normal attachment of the fetal egg to the uterus. During menstruation, the endometrium is completely rejected, because pregnancy has not occurred, and there is no need to create conditions for attaching a fertilized egg. Mucus, blood leave the uterus with menstruation. Logically reflecting, it can be understood that rejection of the endometrium during pregnancy in the form of a bleeding can lead to a miscarriage, since a fetal egg can also be repelled. It turns out that the periods during pregnancy are impossible, this is pathology. And when they talk about bleeding during pregnancy, they mean a situation threatening the fetus and the future mummy.

Causes of bleeding during pregnancy

Bleeding during childbearing is always a deviation from the norm. However, sometimes (!) This situation is not so threatening. This is a small bleeding during the period of attachment of the fetal egg. After all, this important process is sometimes accompanied by a small damage to the blood vessels inside the uterus, the consequence of which are the smearing discharge.

Lean bleeding during pregnancy can be when the fertilized egg does not have time to attach itself to the endometrium of the uterus. Hormonal changes in this period is not observed, there is no abolition of the monthly ones, and the delay occurs only in the next cycle, that is, a month later.

Another reason for the possible & bdquo; monthly & rdquo; at pregnancy there can be disturbances of a hormonal background. It is corrected by hormonal therapy, which is prescribed by the attending physician.

Consequences of a monthly pregnancy

In the early stages of pregnancy, pseudo-monthly, as a rule, is an indicator of the detachment of the fetal egg. A consequence of this may be a self-abortion. With a small detachment and timely start of treatment with a problem you can cope. In difficult cases, when bleeding is abundant, you need to apply an intensive care course for bed rest and medical supervision. Observance of these rules is the decisive factor in the child's preservation.

A deplorable diagnosis, in which pregnant women are menstruating, may have an ectopic pregnancy. Then the attachment of a fertilized egg does not take place in the uterus, and to the extent of the growth of the fetus in the fallopian tube, where it is often fastened, it is possible to break it. In this case, the woman is threatened by internal bleeding with possible limitations of the childbearing function in the future.

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