Motherwort in pills during pregnancy

Motherwort in pills during pregnancy

In this case, you need to think about replenishing pharmacy stocks, and better - natural and safe in pregnancy means. And then many doctors will agree, that the motherwort is what you need.

Can I take a motherwort to pregnant women in pills?

No one claims that during pregnancy, you can not do without sedatives. However, there are situations when a woman in a situation experiences increased nervousness, and she needs to calm down, but she does not go out on her own. That's when the herbal preparation comes to the rescue - Motherwort, especially since his reception is allowed during pregnancy. In addition, he is much safer than Valerian, since he has significantly fewer restrictions and contraindications.

Motherwort is assigned to future mothers not only for the normalization of the nervous system. The drug also helps improve blood circulation, effectively eliminates bouts of nausea and excessive accumulation of gases, which haunt many pregnant women.

Also, Motherwort is prescribed for late toxicosis (gestosis) and hypertension of the uterus, increased blood pressure and heart problems. Dosage and duration of reception is determined depending on the state of the future mother. Therefore, before you start treatment, do not forget to visit a doctor who will make the appropriate appointment.

Moreover, tableted Motherwort contains additional components that can have an ambiguous impact on the course of pregnancy, so it should be taken strictly for medical purposes.

Basically, to relieve nervous tension during pregnancy, a sedative is taken one tablet three times a day for an hour before meals. If a woman is suffering from insomnia, then the dosage is doubled (2 tablets three times a day), but the duration is again determined by the doctor. Independently adjust the treatment regimen when carrying a child is strictly prohibited, since the tabletted Motherwort has in its composition auxiliary substances that can harm - both the woman in the position and her baby.


Well, firstly, the first and main limitation when taking soothing pills is the hypersensitivity or intolerance of the components of the drug. Also, you can not use a sedative with:

  • low blood pressure (hypotension);
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, peptic ulcer disease);
  • low heart rate (bradycardia).

If you have at least one of the above diseases, then you need to pick up another drug that will improve the course of pregnancy.

Which is better: tablets or decoction of Motherwort during pregnancy

Of course, during pregnancy, it is preferable to use decoction of the motherwort. Soothing drink is much safer, as it does not contain any additional ingredients. In addition, it can be prepared by yourself. However, it is important to follow all the instructions.

To prepare a healing drink, fill with a glass of boiling water two tablespoons of the ground plant and put it on a water bath for 15 minutes. Then strain the liquid and add boiled water to it so that the volume of the liquid is 200 milliliters.

You can also use the pharmacy fitochayem. Fill the sachet with tra glass of boiling water and let it brew. After a quarter of an hour you can drink.

Motherwort is a useful remedy during pregnancy. However, its benefit depends on the implementation of all the recommendations of the doctor and the correct administration of a sedative.

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