Multiple pregnancy test

Multiple pregnancy test - its use, advantages and disadvantages

It is not surprising that modern "inventors" who are striving to improve each and every necessary device, pregnancy tests also do not leave out of the zone of their attention. So, the newest technologies have allowed the developers to provide a woman with such a state-of-the-art device as a multiple pregnancy test. The search for a novelty can be, of course, complicated - a reusable pregnancy test has not yet gained sufficient popularity, and its price is an order of magnitude higher than the price of "traditional" tests. But the developers compensate for this by the fact that the reusable pregnancy test provides, according to them, almost 100% results, can be applied more than once, and many additional "bonuses" are able to show - for example, to calculate the expected date of birth.

All this is thanks to the digital technologies on which the principle of the reusable pregnancy test is based. It is these features that allow a multiple pregnancy test to be connected to the computer via a USB connector, after which there are absolutely no problems with determining the result. Even the appearance of a reusable test is similar to an ordinary computer flash drive, except that it is equipped with a monochrome display.

Just on this display all the potential "pregnant" information of interest is displayed in the form of an appropriate inscription: "yes / no" or "+/-". Before you connect a reusable pregnancy test to a computer, you must perform an ordinary procedure to obtain the result. For this, the reusable pregnancy test is equipped with special removable disposable cartridge strips (in total, 20 cartridges are included with the test). In total, first a standard procedure is performed above them, after which the cartridge is inserted into a special PTeq connector for reading data.

And you can count them by removing the cap from the USB connector and connecting it to the computer. Thus, the data are reproduced in the form of a spectrogram, and additional possibilities for analyzing the level of hCG (chorionic gonadotropin) and LH (luteinizing hormone) in urine make it possible to calculate the approximate date of delivery - if the test is positive. If the result is negative, for the same indicators a multiple pregnancy test calculates the most favorable days for conception.

And let the reusable pregnancy test also "not eternal" - and 20 cartridges someday, yes end. However, for a couple who "works" over conceiving and constantly expects a positive result, a multiple pregnancy test can very well come in handy. Who knows how many times a future mother will have to wait with trepidation for the appearance of the coveted two strips on a strip test? And how many such tests will have to be translated in the hope of a positive result? But the multiple pregnancy test removes the need for a woman to constantly buy all new tests in the pharmacy for the determination of pregnancy. Convenient to use, it is always at hand, and can become a good assistant for women in the preparation for the planned conception.

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