Multivitamins for pregnant women

What are the best multivitamins for pregnant women?

Many friends brag about drinking multivitamin complexes for pregnant women. And involuntarily the thought creeps in: what's worse? Do I feel sorry for my child's vitamins? But it's not just the financial side of the matter. There are many nuances that should be taken into account if you are thinking about multivitamins.

Do I need multivitamins for pregnancy?

Even at the first visit to the gynecologist, during which the pregnancy will be confirmed, the doctor will advise you to drink some vitamin preparations. Mainly, folic acid and vitamin E, which play a crucial role in the stage of laying and shaping the baby's organs.

If this is necessary (when there is an increased tone of the uterus), you will be prescribed additional magnesium preparation, but modern gynecologists say that it can have the right action only on late terms: in the first trimester, the miscarriage mechanism is different and does not lend itself to magnesium. In case of iron deficiency anemia confirmed by laboratory tests, an iron preparation may be prescribed. These are already "therapeutic" vitamins, which, without the need to be accepted, should never be taken. Women who live in conditions of iodine deficiency can also be prescribed this drug - we appoint it almost universally.

Multivitamins for pregnant women in the first trimester are not only not needed, but can also be dangerous when it comes to a combined synthetic drug. Therefore, no materny and pregnavity with elevity you now do not need (and in my deep conviction is not needed in principle)!

Only after 12 weeks, multivitamins for pregnant women can be recommended for use, and then in certain cases:

  • if a woman's nutrition can not be considered full, balanced and quality;
  • if in the past she was diagnosed with deficiency of basic vitamins and minerals;
  • if there is a miscarriage in an anamnesis;
  • if a woman experiences severe vomiting (and, consequently, a loss of many body resources);
  • if the pregnant woman is over 30 years old.

So, it is likely that you need an additional intake of vitamins, if the second trimester has gone, and the window is winter, if you lead a very active lifestyle and are at risk of viral infections and in a number of other cases. But do not take a multivitamin for pregnant women just because your neighbor does the same. In the choice of the drug in general you need to be especially picky.

What are the choices of multivitamins for pregnancy?

This question is really very individual.

First, what is suitable for one woman, then it is quite bad for the organism of another. Reviews about the most terrible allergic reactions to different multivitamins are not rare: a rash, itching, burning - manifestations, as a rule, standard.

Secondly, it's best if you trust your doctor and can ask for advice from him, what are the multivitamins for pregnant women you choose and do they need at all. But even in this situation, you must ask for convincing clear arguments: why does he advise you exactly this. Each drug should be tested for its composition: doses of some components may be overestimated. And ask your doctor about the scheme of admission: when using such medications, it is recommended to arrange small breaks between doses.

Third, you should think twice before taking chemicals, which also includes pharmacy multivitamins for pregnant women. They have very low digestibility, a significant part of it is deposited on your kidneys, in the future, simply cementing, the kidneys and the liver experience an increased load during their processing and excretion, and in general an overdose of such drugs may in fact be fraught with consequences. And do not buy vitamins in colored shells!

Fourthly, in my firm belief to ensure the receipt of all the necessary for the normal functioning of substances together with food today is almost impossible even beyond pregnancy. When the needs of the body in them increase (which we observe when a woman carries a baby), then even more so. Therefore, regardless of whether you are pregnant or not, at what time and how pregnancy occurs, I would advise you to take natural vitamins, called bio-supplements. Only be sure to first consult a specialist about the complex of vitamins and dosage of each of them.

If you do not accept the idea of ??additional intake of nutrients in the form of dietary supplements, then try to make your menu of the most fresh, varied, useful high-quality products - as far as possible. Remember: there is no way in any case, but to provide the body with all the necessary things you definitely need.

Do not belittle the meaning of your mood: outlook, mood, well-being, thoughts & hellip; All this has an effect on the course of pregnancy and its outcome. It is better not to take any multivitamins, but be completely happy, calm, cheerful and optimistic. Keep this approach constantly: it is useful to you in childbirth and especially later, when the baby will need to be educated and take care of him. Do not overdo it and do not resort to hardship once for treatment. Believe in the best!

Everything will be exactly as we will set it ourselves. Health to you and happiness!

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