Music during pregnancy

What music to listen to during pregnancy?

"Sonos" - sound, "natal" - birth: the music of birth. According to the author of this technique, music causes positive emotions in the child, removes contradictions, calms and tends to love. As a rule, pregnant women are engaged in this technique in medical institutions, but listening to music, singing songs, talking with the child can be done at home on their own.

With the help of music, you can act on three spheres of the fetal life: motor, emotional, respiratory. And most importantly - the musical stimulation of the development of the future child positively affects both mental and physical qualities.

"Sonatal" involves not only listening to various musical works, but also communicating with the child with the help of singing. The main idea of ??the technique is the voice of my mother. And do not be afraid of the lack of vocal data or hearing. The child captures the mother's voice, which is more important to him than the most beautiful operatic voices. The main thing is not her musical abilities, but the creative process in which she and her baby actively join in the class.

Women sing specially written children's songs throughout the entire pregnancy, starting from the first weeks. During the singing between the mother and the baby, an amazing emotional connection is established. In addition, certain sounds and breathing exercises have a beneficial effect on the child's organs and stimulate its development. By the way, future moms notice that during the singing the kids answer them, reacting differently to different songs in their own way: they start to actively move and push, then stop, as if listening. These exercises make it possible to form the first connections between the sounds of music, the sounds of speech, emotions, breathing and movement. The method also includes other types of musical activity: M. Lazarev has developed whole musical programs that include singing, drawing, moving to music, dancing, breathing exercises, playing musical instruments, listening to music and even listening to music. learning through singing.

The repertoire for future mothers is selected special: now already written about a thousand special songs that a woman should sing, and for each week of pregnancy there are musical works. Specialists who observe the pregnant women engaged in this method, note the disappearance of tachycardia and normalization of pressure. They lose fear of childbirth, and small "sonatals" are born strong and ahead of their peers in development.

Great, if you like listening to music, especially classical music, the benefits of communicating with the best examples of musical works are well known. You can visit the conservatory or start a home record library with entries from Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi.

If you are not a great connoisseur of the classics, but would like your child to be attached to the beautiful before birth, use specially selected music programs for pregnant women. There is music written just for the tummy. The authors claim that it promotes the development of musical ear in a child even before birth.

Music can be given to listen to the baby, applying the dynamics of the losing equipment to the belly of a pregnant mother. Some experts believe that the children's favorite musical instruments are flute, guitar, harp.

Surrounding yourself with music, do not forget that for the child the best melody is the voice of the mother. Talk to the baby more often, sing to him your favorite songs. It can be a lullaby from your childhood or a song from a cartoon.

You can restore the children's repertoire in memory with audio cassettes with songs of children's composers or folk rhymes. Of course, such musical education is unlikely to make the baby a genius musician, but it will greatly enrich his emotional world, help harmonious communication between mother and child. And when the baby is born, he will happily remember his mother's songs, and you will have a wonderful way to quickly reassure your baby.

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