Muzhegrapia before childbirth

Does muzhegrapia help before childbirth?

Peculiarities of the female body during pregnancy

Some married couples, by ignorance and naivety, believe that sexual intercourse during the period of bearing a child can hurt him, cause pain. This opinion is absolutely far from the truth. Nature arranged a woman's body so, that during pregnancy the uterus is displaced to the abdominal cavity. In this regard, any penetration into the vagina can not harm the fetus. It is surrounded by the amniotic fluid and amniotic fluid that amortizes and neutralizes external influences. To cause harm to a crumb in the uterus is simply impossible and for the reason that the penis can not penetrate into the uterus because of the mucous plug - it covers the neck at the base of the organ. This plug appears already in the first trimester of the term and is necessary to protect the fetus from harmful microorganisms, leakage of amniotic fluid.

And from grandmothers you can hear intimidation and prejudice that after having sex on the eve of childbirth a child can appear with light bruises. And this is also an erroneous opinion. So muzheitapija before sorts or labors it is safe, if there are no contraindications. Among the possible taboos - placental presentation, the threat of miscarriage, pain or pathological discharge after sex. In such cases, sex should be abandoned.

Muzheperapiya in the last month of pregnancy has its advantages and disadvantages. To the first belong the improvement of mood and release of the hormone endorphin, which is useful for the child; softening of the cervix; training her before giving birth; stimulation of the onset of labor. The sperm contains a special hormone that helps make the cervix elastic and softer, which in turn ensures its rapid opening.

With sexual intercourse due to increased blood circulation, placental blood flow rises, which is also useful before childbirth.

As for the shortcomings of muzhegrapia on the eve of childbirth, it is not accurately confirmed that it really accelerates their offensive. During the passage of the mucous plug, sex can provoke infection of the fetus (in the case of a woman or a man having sexually transmitted diseases).

Intimate relationships on the threshold of delivery can be harmful if the woman has already given up water. Muzheperapiya will not bring satisfaction to the future mother, if she is not ready for her psychologically. Some pregnant women in recent months generally do not feel the need for sex, so do not force yourself, but simply explain to the wife the reason for the refusal. Sex during pregnancy is useful only if the partners' desire is mutual.

If bleeding occurs after intercourse - this is a compelling reason to call an "ambulance". So it is necessary to do and with the departure of a large amount of fluid immediately after intimate relationships. To avoid this, we must avoid extreme poses, remember caution.

Gynecologists recommend their patients to avoid intimate relationships during critical periods of gestation. This is the first half of the first trimester, the period of 18-22 weeks and 28-32 weeks. As practice shows, it is at these times that premature birth occurs, which can provoke active sex.

How to conduct muzheitrapiyu before delivery?

If a woman does not have contraindications, and her pregnancy proceeds without complications, then the sex life will go to her benefit. You can resort to sexual activity every day, and even more than once. Everything depends on the mutual desire and well-being of the spouse after sex. The main recommendation is caution, lack of pressure on the abdomen.

It is best to have sex in a woman's pose on the side - it minimizes the risk of pressure on the stomach. The posture of the partner on the back is also allowed during pregnancy if it is convenient for a woman. The main thing is not to allow painful sensations, excessive activity and prolonged sexual intercourse.

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