Nail extensions during pregnancy

Is it possible to increase nails during pregnancy?

Among the supporters of a healthy lifestyle and a "healthy" pregnancy, there is an opinion that nail extensions during pregnancy are not permissible, since it can be harmful for mother and baby. Their opponents, in turn, argue: if the material for nail extensions is chosen taking into account the "interesting position" of a woman, her individual characteristics and propensity to allergy, then nail extensions during pregnancy will not be absolutely no threat. And it is advised to refrain from increasing nails the first trimester of pregnancy, when there is a fundamental laying of all the organs and systems of the baby. All because the build-up of nails during pregnancy involves the use of certain products that contain enough toxic substances that can provoke allergic reactions (formaldehyde, toluene). In addition to the fact that such substances can become a catalyst for allergies, they can also cause nausea, dizziness, and sometimes even fainting in the expectant mother. Therefore, it is better not to risk the first three months of pregnancy with nail extensions.

But as the child develops in the womb of the mother, nail extensions during pregnancy - with observance of all necessary measures for this - it is not contraindicated at all. It is only desirable that a professional master be engaged in this in a specially equipped room. Concerning a safer material for nail building, there are different opinions. For example, some people say that acrylic is best avoided in favor of the gel, because of the presence of harmful and toxic substances in it, which, in addition, can also penetrate the blood of the fetus. Others argue that the composition of acrylic and gel is approximately the same, and the evaporation of acrylic is practically the same as the gel evaporation. In any case, it is better to specify the issue of choosing the most suitable material that will be used for nail extensions during pregnancy, to discuss with the master.

And, as a rule, The choice is made in favor of one of them, which is better kept on the nails in each individual case. The fact is that during pregnancy in the body of a woman there are strong changes, the hormonal background changes. The state of the nails can also vary, for example, the moistening of the nail plate increases or decreases. Thus, the nails from one material to hold tight, and from another - are rejected almost the next day. Therefore, the choice of the material with which the nails will be built up is exclusively individual.

If nevertheless the future mother decided to build nails during pregnancy, you should carefully approach the issue of equipment rooms. So, nail extensions must be carried out in a well-ventilated room. Do not interfere and quality hood directly near the place of work. When building up, only high-quality materials should be used, and keep jars with preparations as little as possible open, closing each time after use. After building up the nails, a woman should wash her hands well with soap and wash her nose with mineral water to remove any possible dust from the filed nails. In general, if there are no special contraindications for the build-up, the pregnant woman does not have any diseases, allergic, first of all, nail extensions can be carried out without fear.

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