Nasal congestion during pregnancy

How to get rid of nasal congestion during pregnancy?

Pregnant women with nasal congestion feel the itch in the nose, which can be accompanied by sneezing and even coughing. Also, nasal congestion can be accompanied by a headache. At the same time, we note that some studies have confirmed that nasal congestion during pregnancy is hormonal. The fact is that during pregnancy, the hormone estrogen is actively produced, which just affects the increase in mucus and provokes swelling of tissues in the nose. Naturally, you should not let the flow of this phenomenon go by itself, although the stuffiness of the nose during pregnancy does not pose any danger for either mother or the future baby. However, in order not to feel any discomfort and prevent the development of rhinitis, which can lead to complications on the ears or turn into chronic sinusitis, let's consider how one can remove the stuffy nose in pregnant women.

How to relieve nasal congestion during pregnancy

Let's start with the fact that any malaise should be treated under the supervision of a doctor. Therefore, first of all, you should contact a specialist and identify the cause of nasal congestion in the doctor for advice. However, in many cases, to remove the swelling of the nose and accompanying discomfort can be with the help of traditional medicine.

At home, lowering the manifestation of nasal congestion during pregnancy can be in the following ways:

  • Try to drink enough liquid and exclude coffee to prevent dehydration;
  • make sure that the apartment has a normal level of humidity. If necessary, purchase special air humidifiers to reduce the burden on the nose and prevent the drying and irritation of the tissues;
  • Avoid allergens such as tobacco smoke, chemical powder, etc.;
  • Dress, get warm in the cold season;
  • Do the exercises, To disperse the blood and thereby remove the swelling in the nose.

As for home treatments that help relieve nasal congestion during pregnancy, the note is not medical treatment:

Breathing gymnastics

Hold one nostril with your finger, and through the other, take a deep breath and exhale. Repeat the exercise for the other nostril. Next, do the same exercise, but already inhale and exhale with your mouth, while holding the nostrils alternately.


Find a point on the bridge of the nose and massage it for a minute with a circular motion of the index finger of your hands. Next, go to the points that are on the wings of the nose. Massage them with your index fingers, lightly pressing. After that, press on the hollow, which is in the area between the nose and lips. The same hollow is on the chin. The entire massage takes about 5-7 minutes and significantly relieves nasal congestion.

Warm legs

Wear warm socks, in which previously fill the mustard powder. This heating considerably reduces the edema of the tissues in the nose and facilitates the condition.

Healing Elixir

Mix finely grated horseradish with apples and sugar and take two teaspoons a day to relieve nasal congestion, and improve immunity.

These simple recipes and recommendations will help you quickly remove the stuffiness of the nose during pregnancy, without exposing the future baby's dangers. However, remember that some women may have allergies to horseradish or mustard, therefore before resorting to self-treatment, it is better to consult a doctor.

Take care of yourself and be healthy!

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