Natural delivery after cesarean section

Natural delivery after cesarean section

What determines the mode of the second birth?

In our time, natural birth after cesarean section (CS) is considered to be more favorable for mother and baby, as well as safer. Their advantage is that there is no risk of postoperative complications, and the process of restoring a woman after them occurs much faster. Naturally, we are talking only about cases when there was no medical indication for a cesarean section in the second pregnancy. After all, the possibility of giving birth naturally after CS depends on its type. That is, if it was a classic cesarean section with a longitudinal scar, then natural births are unacceptable. When the scar is transverse, there is no indication for CS, then with a favorable course of pregnancy, natural childbirth is possible.

When a woman is discharged from the hospital, the doctor must explain the reasons for the caesarean section. If they were associated only with the characteristics of the first pregnancy, the second ideally should end with traditional delivery.

How to prepare for natural childbirth?

Preparing for natural childbirth after cesarean section should be in advance. First, it is very important to be attentive to the seam and strictly follow the doctor's recommendations regarding him. Secondly, you need to withstand the time interval between pregnancies. This should be at least 2-3 years and it is very important to avoid unwanted pregnancies during this period. In fact abortion after CS adversely affects postnatal scar. In the worst case, you will have to do a cesarean section again.

It is necessary, that the second pregnancy was desired, planned, healthy. A woman must necessarily consult a doctor about the scar to properly assess his condition.

At this stage, you need to conduct 2 studies:

  1. Hysterography. The study, which is carried out by the method of X-ray images in 2 projections. He is made six months after the COP, sometimes later.
  2. Hysteroscopy. Visual examination with an endoscope to study the condition of the scar on the uterus. This study is conducted no earlier than 8 months after the COP.

The ideal basis for natural delivery is a condition where the scar on the uterus is almost invisible, which means that the body is restored.

In addition to these two studies, from what tissue a scar is formed. It is completely formed about a year after COP and after that it does not change.

As for the final decision on the method of delivery, it is taken after 35 weeks of the second pregnancy. Ultrasound assesses the condition and position of the fetus, the scar on the uterus, the location of the placenta. A positive decision is possible only with a second single pregnancy and a small fetal size. In this case, its position should be longitudinal, and the presentation - head. Only these prerequisites will be the basis for natural planned births. In practice, it is customary to hospitalize such a woman in the hospital in advance. At the necessary time of pregnancy pierce the bladder, cause childbirth. This practice was introduced so that the woman gave birth in the daytime. This is safer for the mother and the fetus, and at the same time an operating room is prepared for the safety net.

According to statistics in Russia, only one third of women after CS give birth naturally. In the West, this figure is 70%.

Psychological mood for natural childbirth

Today in Russia, it is the practice of women to make the birth naturally after the COP. Why? First, in children - "Caesar" does not produce a stress hormone, and this has a bad effect on their adaptation to the external environment. Secondly, the birth itself through the vagina is healthier and more natural for mother and child. Although a lot of moms are just afraid of the second time to give birth alone. Perhaps the reason for this is poor awareness of such births. Therefore it is very important to find a good doctor who is available, correctly and correctly set up a woman for birth in a natural way. Because only our great-grandmothers and grandmothers gave birth. And the children were healthy, strong, strong.

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