Negative rhesus in pregnancy

Negative Rhesus in pregnancy - the more dangerous and possible consequences

The Rh factor is determined by performing a blood test. It is a protein in the blood that is directly on the surface of the blood cells. In women who have been diagnosed with a negative Rh factor, this protein is not present in the blood. But do not be scared. According to statistics, about 20% of women around the globe have the same Rh factor, while many of them are quite happy moms. Doctors assure, that the negative Rh factor is simply an individual sign of a person, and not a pathology, and certainly not a diagnosis of "infertility."

Why do many future mothers react so sharply to the negative Rh factor. The fact is that there is a Rh-conflict, but only in individual cases, which we will describe in more detail.

Negative Rh factor, or Rh-conflict, is a danger for the woman in childbirth only if her Rh factor does not coincide with the rhesus of the unborn child. That is, my mother identified a negative Rh, and the fetus - positive. It is important to know that this phenomenon in medicine is very rare, though not less significant. But do not worry in advance. After all, if the parents of the Rh negative rhesus factor coincide, there is no cause for concern, because the baby, probably, also will inherit the Rh factor of the parents. Therefore, when you first visit a gynecologist, you must donate blood for analysis to both parents and determine your blood group (if they have not done so before). Experienced gynecologists recommend this procedure in advance, when only pregnancy is planned. So we can avoid unnecessary excitement, and in case of a problem of Rh factors between partners - consult with experienced specialists.

Next, let's figure out why there is a rhesus-conflict between the future mother and the bearing fruit. It is known that our body is capable of fighting foreign bodies. So, during an influenza virus or other infectious disease, our body is struggling with viruses, thereby providing us with recovery. The same thing happens, when the Rh factor of the mother does not coincide with the Rh factor of the child. There is a constant conflict, the body is fighting with antibodies, which threatens the development, the future child. It is in this case, the pregnancy is under strict supervision of the doctor, in order to minimize the threat of death of the child. Thanks to modern medicine, there are many ways that quite successfully cope with the problem of Rh-conflict mother and child. An important factor is that with such a problem, by the general state of health, a pregnant woman is no different from other expectant mothers. Just such women will have to visit the doctor much more often and take a blood test. But, you see, for the sake of the future baby we will not endure such a thing. In some cases, the incompatibility of rhesus between mother and child, doctors are forced to perform early childbirth, as well as a blood transfusion of the baby. All these actions take place in most cases quite successfully, therefore there are no grounds for fears and worries.

It is also possible to prevent Rhesus-conflict situation.

It is important to take into account that, having given birth to the first child without any problems, it is not a fact that the subsequent pregnancy will not bring a rhesus-conflict. In order to prevent this mismatch, a mother is injected with a drug called anti-Rhesus immunoglobulin. This drug allows you to bind aggressive antibodies and removes them from the body. Therefore, if you have a negative Rh factor, your partner is positive and you decide on a second child, it is advisable to introduce such a vaccine. Also, the vaccine with antibodies is administered both during pregnancy and immediately after childbirth.

Treatment of Rhesus Conflict is a very common phenomenon in medical practice. And I ask you to note, very successful. Therefore, in the case when your analyzes have determined a Rh-conflict to panic and do not worry in advance. If you are a responsible and watchful mom, then with the help of doctors and your consciousness, you will soon join the ranks of yet another happy mother. What I wish you with all my heart!

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