Nervous during pregnancy

Why it is impossible to be nervous during pregnancy?

Becoming on the register after detection of pregnancy, a woman will always hear that from this time and during the nine months of pregnancy it is extremely undesirable to be nervous. The fact is that bad mood and stressful situations are "transmitted" to the baby along the chain. Doctors say that babies born to mothers who are nervous during pregnancy are more likely to suffer from increased anxiety and mobility, they are more prone to mood changes, sensitive to changes in the environment - noise, smells, stuffiness, bright sun and light.

It is simply contraindicated to be nervous during pregnancy already in the second half: at this time the baby is already sufficiently developed nervous system, and therefore he is able to feel the slightest excitement of his mother. With frequent nervous shocks of a future mother in the second half of pregnancy, the baby can develop hypoxia - an extremely dangerous condition for its growth and development. Already after the birth of the crumbs, the constant excitement of the mother during pregnancy will affect the baby's well-being - it can be emotionally easily aroused, often such children have disturbances in the rhythm of sleep and wakefulness.

The problem of the nerves of mothers during pregnancy is even devoted to individual studies of groups of scientists in different countries. So, for example, American scientists say that it is contraindicated in pregnancy for women, since the excitement of the mother has a huge influence on the weight of the baby. Scientists have determined that chronic anxiety, especially in the third trimester, often results in premature birth and the birth of a child with a lack of weight. Another group of scientists, already Canadian, says that the constant irritability and anxiety during pregnancy significantly increases the risk of developing a child's asthmatic diseases. In addition, asthma can manifest in the baby, even if his mother is depressed in the early years of his life. And in that, and in another case the risk of developing asthmatic diseases increases by as much as 25 percent.

But even knowing about such undesirable consequences of emotional upheavals during bearing a baby, many women do not know what to do in order not to be nervous during pregnancy. This is not surprising - hormonal changes in the body significantly affect a woman's susceptibility: if before the onset of pregnancy on this or that situation she could react even with an indulgent smile, while waiting for the baby the same situation can cause a woman to have tears or resentment, anxiety and excitement. It is always easier to say what to do, and in this case - even knowing that it is undesirable to be nervous during pregnancy, some pregnant women will be extremely difficult to cope with the "nerves".

And "hide your nerves in a box" will have - if the future mother wants the good of your baby. And what kind of mother does not wish a child good? Therefore, all the forces need to adjust only to good and do everything possible to not be nervous during pregnancy. To do this, doctors recommend that in the early stages of pregnancy, more time is spent on walking outdoors, communicating with loved ones and close people, viewing good kind films and listening to light and light music. Since at the first stage of pregnancy, medications are not desirable in principle, with a bad mood and emotional disorders will have to cope exactly in such ways. To help and can come and such an effective tool in the "taming" of nervousness, like aromatherapy. Essential oils, in particular ylang-ylang, patchouli, rose, sandalwood favorably affect the emotional background, and so it makes sense to buy aroma-lamp and arrange yourself a session of aromatherapy.

After 15-16 weeks with caution, you can already use some sedatives, but in no case are potent tranquilizers! Should not harm the baby valerian, taken from time to time as a withdrawal of nervousness during pregnancy, you can also drink decoction of the motherwort. There are also special ready-made soothing collections based on herbs, which are allowed for use during pregnancy. Often after an appropriate consultation, a doctor can prescribe a pregnant woman to drink glycine or magnesium preparations in order not to be nervous during pregnancy. In any case, you can not choose sedatives at your own discretion during pregnancy: before taking any sedative, a specialist's consultation is mandatory.

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