Norgalax before delivery

Norgalax before delivery, is it worth using

And now about the birth and Norgalax. As is known, in many maternity hospitals the "ante-natal" enema was abolished, which was previously considered mandatory. As a result, a serious question will arise before a pregnant woman: do or not do it at home? Many women oh how I do not want to go "by and large", giving birth to my baby. And ashamed, and not aesthetically pleasing & hellip; Therefore, some pregnant women decide to take laxatives before a responsible "work". Norgalax can help in this matter, but is it safe?

There are several points in the manual that can help in answering worried questions. Firstly, the drug acts locally, that is, it is not absorbed into the systemic blood stream, which means it can not harm the crumb. Secondly, it is recommended to be used to prepare for diagnostic procedures. If the birth is considered the same procedure, then Norgalax can be taken. However, there is one serious "but!". The drug Norgalax is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation. Why - not specified, but once this is written in the instructions, then they have good reason. However, in the event that the expected benefit of the mother is higher than the possible risks to the fetus, the doctor may prescribe this drug.

Judging by the reviews, many women used Norgalax and they are very happy. No "surprises", no side effects, and even after the birth, Norgalax was useful.

However, it should be noted that the medicine has its own contraindications. It can not be used with individual hypersensitivity to the components of the drug, as well as if the woman suffers from intestinal obstruction, anal bleeding, hemorrhoids, rectal fissures and inflammatory bowel diseases.

In any case, you should not make a decision on your own. Your treating gynecologist will tell you how to deal with the enema before childbirth. In Europe, it has long been abolished, referring to the naturalness of the generic process. For the time being, shame makes us think. Though the mummies are said to have taken place, that during childbirth least of all you think about possible feces, but not all of it soothes.

So it's up to you personally to decide whether or not you have microglyme before Nigalax. Discuss this question with a specialist and be sure of your decision. Do you know how midwives say when a woman is pushing? Kakai! So, probably, it's natural.

Successful delivery!

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