Norm of estradiol in women

The norm of estradiol in the blood of women

Features and production of estradiol

Estradiol is the main female sex hormone of the estrogen group. He is in both male and female organisms. Estradiol is formed from male hormones, and the result of its influence on the woman's body is the typical character of the female figure. Namely, under his influence, a narrow waist becomes narrow in women, a subcutaneous fat layer is formed, due to which the hips are rounded and the breasts are enlarged, the skin becomes thin and smooth, the egg grows in the follicle, the inner layer of the uterus is prepared for pregnancy and normalizes the cycle of menstruation. That is, under the influence of this hormone, the femininity of the figure is obtained. He is also called the hormone of female beauty.

This hormone in the beautiful half is formed in the ovaries. In the state of pregnancy, it is also allocated by the placenta. In small quantities in men and women, the hormone estradiol is produced by the adrenal cortex.

The production of estradiol in the ovaries of women begins under the influence of pituitary hormones in the first half of the menstrual cycle.

Estradiol indicators in women

In the body of a woman, the amount of the hormone estradiol is not constant, it varies depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle. The main female hormone begins to develop with the beginning of the cycle. Closer to its middle, before the ovulatory phase, the level of estradiol increases, and after 24-36 hours after reaching its maximum concentration, ovulation occurs. The follicle bursts, and the hormone level of estradiol decreases. This occurs approximately on the 14-15 day of the cycle provided it is stable. The high level of estradiol hormone after the period of ovulation means that the pregnancy has come, and its low level indicates that conception did not take place. If we talk about specific figures, the normal levels of the main female hormone at different periods of the cycle look like this: in the follicular phase - 57-227 pg / ml, in the precursor phase - 127-476 pg / ml, in the luteinizing phase - 77-227 pg / ml.

It should be noted that age affects estradiol in the female body, and this explains the decline in women's ability to become pregnant. So, for example, in the climacteric period the norm of the main female hormone is approximately 19, 7-82 pg / ml.

Causes and symptoms of low estradiol in women

If a woman wants to become pregnant, that the condition for this is a normal indicator of the level of estradiol in the body. Influence on its decrease may be such factors: vegetarianism, intense physical activity, smoking, a daily diet high in carbohydrates, sudden weight loss, inflammation of the genitals, abnormalities in the endocrine system, and taking oral contraceptives.

A woman should know that signs of a low level of estradiol in her body can be dry skin, reducing the size of the uterus, breast, lack of a long period of months and the inability to become pregnant.

So, the normal level of estradiol in women is one of the conditions for the onset of pregnancy. This should be taken into account when planning conception, especially try to avoid the influence of factors that affect its decrease in the body of a future mother.

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