Norma in pregnancy

Norma in pregnancy - instructions for use, feedback

Why constipation are the constant companions of pregnant women?

The fact is that constipation in pregnant women is due to the fact that the growing uterus squeezes the intestines. As a result of such pressure, blood circulation in the small pelvis is broken, which causes venous stasis, and, in fact, constipation, as the contractile capacity of the intestine worsens. In addition, another cause of constipation is a decrease in the sensitivity of the musculature of the intestine to substances that stimulate intestinal peristalsis. The fact is that these substances are produced by the body, but because the intestines and uterus are united by common nerve endings, bowel contractions can sometimes lead to contractions of the uterus. What can you do, so the nature of nature has ordered, but you can help yourself and get rid of constipation by taking a new and safe drug, Norma.

When should I take Norma during pregnancy?

Let's start with the fact that this medication is prescribed only if other methods of treating constipation have not been successful. These methods include diet, rich in cellulose, the use of sour-milk products, herbal teas and teas. As for the diet, experts recommend with constipation, enrich your diet with products such as cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, beetroot, pumpkin, oranges, apples, nuts, black bread. From sour-milk products, eat kefir and yogurt daily. In summer it is also recommended to drink kvass. Do not forget about fatty acids and vegetable fats, which stimulate intestinal motility.

It is important to know that chamomile, mint, broth of dill or cumin perfectly exclude such sensations as bloating and gases that are constant companions of constipation.

However, if all of the above methods of dealing with constipation did not help, then you can try to ease the condition with the help of Normase. This one was created especially for pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding. The main active ingredient Norma is lactulose, which is found in dairy products. However, it is in Norma that the amount of lactulose is represented in the optimal therapeutic dosage.

The effect of the drug Normaze is as follows: lactulose has a mild laxative effect, due to the creation of optimal conditions for the propagation of beneficial microorganisms in the intestine. In addition, Norma perfectly absorbs and removes all toxins, which is extremely important for the health of mother and future baby.

Thus, we came to the conclusion that constipation among pregnant women is a very frequent phenomenon, but it is not so difficult to fight this trouble. If the diet, decoctions and herbs did not help, then you can safely go to the pharmacy and buy a drug, which experts recommend - Normase. Experiencing that the effect of the drug will harm the health of a pregnant woman is not worth it, since Normaze is designed specifically for women in an interesting situation.

It is released to Norma in the form of a syrup, and it is taken three times a day, 15-40 ml each. The course of treatment Norma, as a rule, is from two to four weeks.

Do not forget that before using any medication you should consult your doctor!

Be healthy!

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