Novopassitis in pregnancy

Novopassitis in pregnancy - instructions for use, feedback

Features of Novopassitis

The psyche of a pregnant woman sometimes becomes extremely unstable. She complains about a bad dream, inability to concentrate and frequent quarrels with her husband. In order to balance the psychoemotional background of the future mother, the doctor must prescribe safe sedatives to her.

During pregnancy, it is prohibited to use sedatives of chemical origin (tranquilizers). These funds can lead to the development of disturbances in the development of the nervous system of the child. Especially dangerous is their use in the first trimester.

It should be noted that the assortment of sedatives approved for use by pregnant women is not too large. Among them is Novopassit, which is produced in the form of pills and a solution.

Pharmaceutical Novopassit is of vegetable origin. Its composition is different from other sedative drugs in our market. Its components are valerian, passionflower, hops, lemon balm, St. John's wort and hawthorn. This combination of herbs produces an excellent soothing effect: the mood and sleep of a person improves, they go through lethargy and migraines. In addition to direct sedative use, Novopassitis can be indicated in the treatment of urticaria and gastropathy, dermatitis and dermatosis, as well as in women in the premenstrual period.

But before taking the medicine, you need to know some of its features. Valerian is approved for use by pregnant women. Hops cones in its composition are able to influence the hormonal background of the body. Passion flora, like valerian, is considered safe during pregnancy.

As for St. John's wort, there is a separate conversation. Experiments that were conducted on animals to study the effect of St. John's wort on pregnancy, showed the risk of spontaneous interruption. If the pregnancy persisted, then the cubs were born with deviations of varying degrees and too weak. Similar experiments have not been conducted on humans, but the biochemical processes of pregnancy of animals and humans are very similar. This means that it is necessary to take into account the results of the influence of St. John's wort on pregnancy in mammals.

Is Novopassitis Possible During Pregnancy

Of course, no pregnant woman will take Novopassit continuously, throughout the pregnancy. Therefore, we are not talking about the systematic influence of this medicine on the organism of the future mother and her child. But taking the drug is recommended cautiously and in no case do not prescribe it yourself just because it is great for your mother or neighbor. It should be borne in mind that Novopassit in pregnancy can not be taken with myasthenia, problems of the gastrointestinal tract and individual intolerance to one of the components of the drug.

When the doctor who supervises you has appointed this drug, he must also prescribe a scheme of its use, dosage. Typically, this sedative is prescribed three times a day on a tablet or 5 ml of solution. You can not increase the dose yourself.

Sometimes pregnant women categorically refuse to take any pharmaceutical products. Well, in certain, uncomplicated cases it is possible. An alternative to Novopassita may be a lemon balm brewed for the night, or a motherwort, an increase in the number of outdoor walks or other pleasant activities for a woman.

So, the drug Novopassitis during pregnancy can be consumed in reasonable doses, following the doctor's prescription. But if you take yourself in hand, do not be nervous and worry about trifles, then, probably, you will not need any restful ones.

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