Nutrition after cesarean section

Features of nutrition after cesarean section

In all this is easy to understand, if you know some of the nuances. Indeed, cesarean section is an operation and it is necessary to observe a certain diet in the post-operation period. But since even after cesarean section breastfeeding is almost immediately established, the woman should know the nuances of dietary nutrition of the nursing mother.

Day One

So, the operation was successful. Your baby was born healthy and strong. About him in the first day will take care of medical staff, and you will have to recover after anesthesia. Of course, now you are not up to the meal, although it happens the other way round: after anesthesia, a woman is ready to attack any food. In the first day you will receive all the necessary substances intravenously, so do not worry that breast milk (that is, for the time being colostrum) will not receive all vitamins, so it does not fit the crumb. Moreover, studies show that the vitamin supply of breast milk begins to accumulate during pregnancy. Our body is very smart and he calculates: and if suddenly there is a famine? What then will the baby eat? As you can see, nature took care of our children and extra folds - this is a kind of "pantry", from which all the necessary usefulness will be sucked out by the karapuz.

So on the first day after caesarean, think about yourself. Intestine on the eve of the operation was emptied, and the stitched abdominal cavity affects the functions of the intestine. At this time, gases can be strongly formed and spikes occur, so your food should not aggravate these natural processes. Doctors recommend the first day at all to give up eating. Only allowed to drink, but not more than 1, 5 liters. It is advisable to drink mineral water, but without gases or simple boiled water, you can with lemon. Do not worry, the day will fly by unnoticed and you will not have time to faint from hunger.

Day two and three

About favorite cutlets, otbivnushkah, and even more sweets will have to be forgotten for a while. The nutrition of the second and third days after the operation should be dietary, low-calorie. Do not at all eat your fill. Better get up from the table a little hungry. Remember that your intestines are not yet ready to fully process incoming food, and other organs are also busy with other things.

So, on the second and third day you can eat the following: low-fat meat broth (chicken or beef), fat-free curd or natural yogurt, steamed baked apples, mashed potatoes, meat souffle, low-fat cheese. Many mothers advise these days to eat "baby food", that is, vegetable, meat and fruit sticks from jars.

Eat often (5-6 times a day) in small portions. And do not forget about the liquid in the form of tea, mors, compote and other healthy drinks.

Next days

And only on the 4th day you can gradually return to the usual menu, but still without sweets, without fried, hot and salty. Just these days milk will start coming. The breast will become swollen and possibly even very painful. If the milk is too much - some doctors advise to reduce the consumption of liquid for a while. Others recommend that you put a baby to the breast more often and express all the leftover milk after each feeding.

With regard to nutrition, then sane mothers understand exactly how it should be. Most of all useful for the baby in porridge, meat, vegetables and fruits. But do not forget about possible allergies, colic and other troubles. Now you are again responsible for the health of your little girl. Introduce in your diet new products gradually one or two a day to track the child's reaction to new foods.

Forbidden products in the first days after cesarean section are: raw vegetables and fruits (especially cabbage and grapes), legumes, the number of flour products is also worth reducing. Of the sweet is allowed except that dried fruits. However, do not write off and get upset with the postnatal diet, as punishment. Most likely this will be a transition to a full-fledged proper nutrition. Well, tell me, what is the use of chocolates, hamburgers and high-rise sandwiches? Of course, you can relax, but not now, because of your food directly depends on the health of the baby. Time will fly by unnoticed, and soon you will enjoy both fried potatoes, and strawberries with cream and chocolate with nuts.

Although, as practice shows, just a week or two after cesarean section, newly mummies return to their usual diet. And if the whole life of a woman ate breakfast for breakfast sandwiches, and for dinner a grilled chicken, then she will continue to eat so. And all the talk about postnatal diets for her will remain "nonsense".

What, pleasant to all the appetite and early recovery!

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