Nutrition in the third trimester of pregnancy

Nutrition in the third trimester of pregnancy - what you can, and what you can not eat

Let's start with the restrictions in food that should be taken into account in the third trimester of pregnancy:

  • Limit the use of meat, fish and mushroom broths, which during this period are hard perceived by the body. Instead of broths, eat boiled or baked white meat and low-fat fish;
  • in order to avoid the formation of puffiness, try to consume no more than 0. 8 liters of liquid per day;
  • The daily norm of salt in the third trimester of pregnancy is no more than 5 grams per day. Therefore, limit the use of salty foods;
  • fried and sweet food contains a large number of animal fats that are not needed by a pregnant woman. Keep an eye on this, too.

In order not to gain excess weight, which prevents in the process of childbirth, limit consumption of flour dishes, potatoes, cereals and sweets. In addition, it is important to know that an excess of carbohydrates harms the fetus, since his body weight also increases significantly. Well, the excess weight of a pregnant woman is also dangerous because the fatty tissue delays the fluid in the body and disrupts the kidneys.

So, about what you can not eat during the third trimester of pregnancy, we sorted it out. Well, let's consider the approximate ration of necessary products, which can and should be consumed daily. Guided by this list, you can easily make a correct and useful for yourself and your child's menu for the day and, most importantly - do not worry about weight gain or lack of necessary vitamins and trace elements.

Table of an approximate list of products per day for the third trimester of pregnancy.

Health to you and easy delivery!

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