Ocylococcinum during pregnancy

Ocylococcinum during pregnancy - instructions for use, feedback

The problem is also that the disease itself poses a certain danger to the baby. Therefore, you can not let everything go on its own - you still need to be treated, doctors say. But what? How to make out the line where the real threat for pregnancy begins? And if the drugs are so dangerous for the unborn child, then how much more dangerous is the disease itself?

Unfortunately, there are no answers to these questions. More precisely, each doctor has his own, so it's not easy to understand a suspicious and worried mother. And in this situation, we often choose homeopathic remedies: if they do not help, then at least they will not harm.

Homeopathic granules Ocillococcinum are used for the treatment of cold and viral diseases. It is an extract of the heart and liver of the Barbary duck, sucrose and lactose act as auxiliary substances. It should be said that the breeding of Ocylococcinum is very large (in other words, the concentration of the active substance is rather weak), and traditional medicine is playing a trick on this. First, there are no clinical studies confirming its effectiveness. Secondly, doctors assure that there is nothing more than sugar in homeopathic preparations. In general, their effect does not exceed the placebo effect. At the same time, the granules of Ocylococcinum are absolutely safe, including during pregnancy. That's only pay for a drug that does not have any effect, doctors do not recommend - it's better to begin to be treated normally.

Homeopaths have their firm position about this treatment. Absolutely all homeopathic preparations are effective, they say, if they are taken properly. Oscillococcinum, too. And what is very important for pregnant women - it does not harm the developing fetus. There are no contraindications to Otsilokoktsinuma, the only allergic reaction is possible, so it's better to consult a doctor first.

It's best to start taking Oscillococcinum at the earliest stage of the disease, when you feel that you are about to get a good look. In such a case, immediately put one dose of Otsilokoktsinuma (1 g of the contents of one container) under the tongue and wait until the granules completely dissolve. Then repeat the procedure 2-3 more times with an interval between doses of the drug at 6 o'clock. If the virus has already cleared up, then you should take 1 dose of Oscillococcinum in the morning and evening for 1-3 days. If the condition worsens, you should consult a doctor.

Oscillococcinum is taken 15 minutes before meals or an hour after.

And now reviews. They are just as different as the opinions of doctors. One Oscillococcinum does not help at all, others are very happy with the effect of the drug - pregnant women (and not only) note its high efficiency. But at the same time they specify that the sooner Ocillococcinum treatment begins, the better. Otherwise, the illness takes its toll.

As for the placebo effect, many mothers disagree with this. They give Ocillococcinum to their babies, who can not tell themselves that it helps. Pellets just act and that's all, say such moms.

In general, the conclusion, perhaps you can do this: try it. If Ocylococcinum is harmless, then you risk only its cost. But for the sake of experiment, you can pay. Does not help - it means not it, next time it's not worth buying.

Of course, each of you has his own opinion on this matter. Perhaps, there is already experience of treatment with Oscillococcinum? So share, please. We will be grateful to you.

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