Oksolinovaya ointment during pregnancy

Oksolinovaya ointment during pregnancy - instructions for use, contraindications and reviews

The task of "not pick up a virus" is especially hard for pregnant women. The course of the disease can be poorly reflected on the developing fetus. The situation is further aggravated by the fact that medicines and even folk remedies from ARI, allowed for use during the period of bearing a child, can be counted on the fingers. So, any infection transmitted by airborne droplets presents a considerable danger to the pregnant woman.

That is why therapists and gynecologists recommend their patients to use Oxolin ointment.

What is good about oxoline?

Oxolinum is an active substance (we will specify, that synthetic), on the basis of which pharmacists develop and manufacture drugs for the prevention and treatment of viral diseases. It can be Oxolin Ointment, Tetracroline, Oxsonftiline or simply Oxolinum.

The action of oxoline is built on the fact that it makes the virus inactive. The truth is not any, namely the influenza virus, herpes simplex or adenovirus. That is, pathogenic bacteria that get on the nasal mucosa during inspiration, meet with oxolin, which is on this very mucosa, and can not go on and act. The ingress of the virus deep into the respiratory tract and, consequently, its reproduction there becomes impossible. All bacteria remain paralyzed at the entrance.

Perhaps the explanation is too primitive, but we hope everyone understands. And in this light, Oksolinovaya ointment looks very attractive. Especially if you take into account its availability: the cost is very cheap in comparison with other antiviral drugs. Moreover, it can be used even for treatment, when it is too late to protect yourself from the virus. Well, it's just a sin not to use.

How to apply Oksolinovuyu ointment?

Depending on the percentage of oxoline, ointment is available in such forms: 0, 25%, 0, 5%, 1%, 3%.

Oksolinovuyu ointment is used not only for mucosal treatment in the treatment and prevention of viral diseases (laying in the nose or behind the eyelid), but also for viral skin diseases, treatment of herpes simplex.

For the prevention of influenza, it is recommended to lubricate the nose mucosa with Oksolin ointment before each exit from the house, especially if you are going to crowded places: theater, office, public transport, covered market. Just put a small amount of ointment in each nasal passage and lightly rub. For preventive purposes, it is enough to do it 2 times a day, to treat viral rhinitis, treat mucous 2-3 times a day for 3 days.

Do not forget to rinse off the remnants of Oxolin Ointment every time you return home. This should be done with warm water.

The total duration of application of Oxolin Ointment for prophylactic purposes is 25 days (in the most dangerous period of infection).

Can I use Oksolin Ointment during pregnancy?

And again our song is good & hellip; Among the contraindications to the use of Oxolin ointment pregnancy does not appear. There's nothing at all, except for hypersensitivity to oxolin, which can be manifested by a burning sensation after applying the ointment. Nevertheless, in the column "pregnancy and lactation" it is written in black and white that the use of the drug during these periods is possible only if the intended benefit for the mother exceeds the potential risk to the fetus.

This means (and pharmacists say this directly) that more or less adequate studies on the adverse effects on the pregnant woman and the fetus on the use of ointment have not been conducted. Therefore, you can use it (or prescribe it to pregnant women) only at your own risk.

Despite this, doctors without any fear appoint "oxolin" to pregnant women and assure: it is not just possible to use it during pregnancy, but at all times it is necessary. After all, the chances of catching an infection in a weakened and vulnerable pregnant organism are very high. This is even more true of those women, which often occur in places of congestion.

True, some therapists still recommend choosing a homoeopathic drug for this purpose - Euphorbium compositum.

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