Omega 3 during pregnancy

What are the benefits of Omega 3 in pregnancy?

Every day the future mother gives the child about 2, 5 grams of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Unfortunately, the majority of pregnant women already at the beginning of the period of bearing a baby suffer a deficit of fatty acids. The situation is seriously deteriorating in the second month of pregnancy, so it is very important from the very beginning to do everything to ensure that Omega 3 is in the body in sufficient quantities.

What are the essential fatty acids for pregnancy?

  1. for the prevention of premature birth and miscarriage;
  2. to prevent the development of depression in pregnant women;
  3. to reduce the risk of late toxicosis;
  4. for proper maturation of the immunity of the child;
  5. for the formation of the brain and peripheral nervous system;
  6. to lower blood pressure; After the results of many studies it became known that a child who during development did not receive a sufficient amount of Omega 3 acids can subsequently develop atypical diseases and allergies. Also the risk in the future to be ill without any reasons for hypertensive illness is increased. Many researchers believe, that this is due to an intrauterine disruption of the development of the center of pressure regulation in the brain.

    As for the woman herself, deficiency of Omega 3 can lead to the development of late toxicosis. By the way, it directly depends on depression and neuroses. All this has a negative impact on the child, as toxicosis in the late stages of pregnancy attacks the immune system of the pregnant woman, the placenta and the liver.

    To receive the necessary dose of Omega 3 during pregnancy, you need to eat certain foods that contain this substance.

    First, it is about fish and vegetable oils. Secondary products, saturated fatty acids are nuts, seeds, vegetables, some fruits, egg yolk, poultry, meat.

    Among vegetable oils in the diet is best to get rapeseed or soybean oil. The oil of flaxseed will also be good for consumption. Fatty fish is also not suitable for any. It is best to eat mackerel, herring or salmon. Other fish species contain a much smaller amount of Omega 3 fats.

    However, it is not a fact that one correct diet is enough to ensure the rate of consumption of Omega 3 in pregnancy. Therefore, it is best to constantly consult a doctor and if you need to saturate the body and pharmacy Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids.

    Give your health maximum attention during pregnancy and listen to the recommendations of doctors that the baby was born and grew healthy.

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