On what term darkens halos during pregnancy

At what time do halos darken during pregnancy?

Changes in the early term

Already with the onset of pregnancy, women feel how their mammary glands swell. And this is one of the signs of an "interesting situation".

Nipples change almost from the first days. By the sixth week of the term, future moms notice that they are not the same as before. If before pregnancy they were light, pink, then with its onset gradually darken, later become brown. Very often their sensitivity is increased. Some women simply complain that the breast hurts, it becomes bigger and denser. All these changes are classic signs of pregnancy. By the way, after the termination of breast feeding nipples again lighten. But they will not be the same as before.

Why does the sensitivity of the nipples appear in the early stages? This is due to the fact that a special hormone prolactin begins to be produced in the body of the future mother. He keeps pregnancy. They call it lactation hormone. It is this substance that makes the breast more sensitive, strengthens blood circulation in it. And this leads to further growth and increase in size. At the same time, the size of the halo (zone around the nipples) increases many times. For such changes, the skin of the nipples just does not have time and is greatly stretched. And this also causes sensitivity, sometimes severe pain. Such a state should not be frightened. This is a completely normal physiological phenomenon. But not all women experience it. Some do not feel any changes in the mammary glands, but all because their body is less sensitive to prolactin. All individually.

Help yourself with a high sensitivity of nipples and breasts can be, picking a suitable size bra made of cotton. It is also necessary to start using preparations from stretch marks at an early stage.

About the swelling of the nipples

Their increase in bearing a baby can be pronounced. Nipples swell because of the proliferation of milk ducts. They must be convex so that the child can grasp the mammary gland with the mouth. At the end of breastfeeding breast size decreases, but the nipples, most likely, the volume will not be less.

The type of mammary glands largely depends on heredity. If a woman's nipples are flat, this can become an obstacle to breastfeeding. And that this does not happen, they need a special preparation for feeding the child.

About the darkening halo

This part of the mammary glands also undergoes changes during the period of gestation of the baby. Halos increase in diameter, darken. As for the degree of darkening, this is individual. In some women, they become brown. Darkening is due to the deposition of melanin pigment. This substance is produced in the skin under the influence of female sex hormones. Timing of darkening of juices and halo are different. In some women, this occurs in the early stages, until about 8 weeks of pregnancy. In others, such changes are possible after eight weeks.

Strongly darkened at the beginning of pregnancy, a halo at the end of bearing a baby can brighten up.

About the secretions from the chest

And this phenomenon is considered normal. In some women colostrum may appear in the early stages of bearing crumbs. This, too, can be considered a sign of pregnancy. But still, more often the secretions appear in the third trimester of pregnancy, which symbolizes the next stage in the preparation of the organism for childbirth and breastfeeding.

Colostrum is a clear liquid with impregnations of yellow or white. Some women at the end of the third trimester complain, that colostrum literally flows a river. And especially this phenomenon is activated at night. Changing nipples and allocation of colostrum - this is the natural preparation of the female breast for a new stage in life.

Specially to prepare mammary glands to lactation is necessary only in the case when the breast and nipples are flat, and the halo is inextensible. Then the woman will need the help of a specialist - he will teach you how to do a special massage.

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