Oral sex during pregnancy

Is it possible to have oral sex during pregnancy?

But, unfortunately, in a number of cases, doctors impose bans and restrictions on the sexual life during pregnancy. And in such situations, oral sex seems like an excellent alternative, and sometimes even the only way out. However, not everything is as simple as it might seem at first glance. And if you dig deeper, you might be surprised to learn that even with a normal pregnancy, oral sex is strongly discouraged, unlike vaginal and even anal!

Blowjob during pregnancy

The easiest thing is with blowjob. Because if a woman is a pleasure or, at least, does not bring any discomfort, then this kind of oral sex during pregnancy can be at any time. Many women are also interested in such a sensitive issue as swallowing sperm: is it possible or not? So there is no harm to the baby and my mother does not bring it, and even there is an opinion, as if on the contrary - can be definitely useful. So there is no reason to deprive future fathers of attention, which can be especially good news for couples who do not practice ordinary sex during pregnancy for one reason or another.

Cunnilingus during pregnancy

But the future mother was less fortunate. Firstly, men often refuse the idea because of changes in the body of a woman: vaginal discharge during pregnancy increases in volume and changes its taste and smell.

Secondly, many medical sources warn: it is not recommended (and in some variations - absolutely forbidden) to practice cunnilingus during pregnancy. The reason - blowing air into the vagina can lead to embolism (blockage of blood vessels), which is dangerous for the life of the mother and the fetus. Although it seems that such prohibitions and arguments sound only in our domestic medicine: in foreign countries, doctors have not even heard of it.

In addition, the oral cavity is an ideal environment for the multiplication of various microbes that freely penetrate the female vaginal mucosa. Thus, viral diseases, caries, herpes, candidosis in the mouth of a man can cause infection in the woman's vagina. And in the period of gestation, this is doubly undesirable. However, many experts say that this position is somewhat exaggerated. But after the passage of the amniotic fluid, the risks do exist.

Cunnilingus can also be dangerous if the pregnancy is in jeopardy. In such periods, a woman is contraindicated everything that can lead to a decrease in the uterus, including orgasm, regardless of the way it is achieved.

However, you should not deprive yourself of sexual pleasure for the entire period of pregnancy - most expectant mothers and even gynecologists are sure. Cunnilingus without blowing air inside the vagina is quite safe for the woman and the child (if there is no threat of bearing). Moreover, oral caresses bring future moms a lot of positive emotions and pleasure, and during pregnancy this is only welcomed.

Despite everything, oral sex during the carrying of the child is practiced by many couples. Often it helps to maintain and strengthen the relationship between husband and wife in such a difficult period. If you do not have an orgasm, do not refuse each other in pleasure. But this man does not hurt to show maximum caution and care. Love each other and be happy - it's so useful for your future babies!

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