Orgasm after childbirth

Absence of orgasm after childbirth - what to do?

Thin approach to the newly mum.

Specialists advise to start a sexual life after giving birth not earlier than 6 weeks. This is due to the fact that during this time the female body must "move away" from childbirth, and small injuries and breaks that have happened should heal. In addition, before you start having sex, you should go through a gynecologist who confirms that everything is normal with the body.

It is important to remember that the first sexual contacts after childbirth should be gentle and tender. Because most women during the first postpartum sexual intercourse is difficult to adapt and enter into the usual sexual rhythm of the couple. Therefore, it is so important that the partner attentively and respectfully treats this situation. Sexologists advise in this period to use a special intimate cosmetics - lubricants, ie, lubrication, because the natural lubrication of the sexual organs of the female is simply not enough.

It often happens that a woman does not need sex for the first few months after giving birth, and during that time she does not feel any satisfaction. This is due to the physiological characteristics. As the nature has disposed so, that during this time all energy of a young mother is directed to caring for the baby, night feeding. Because of this, she does not want to enter into an intimate relationship, and in this situation, a man should create the right atmosphere and mood. To give the opportunity to your beloved woman to rest more, take a bath, take time to yourself: go to the hairdresser, do a manicure, pedicure, depilation, buy a new dress. In the end, all these little things (and for a young mother, in fact, important events) will allow you to relax, switch and feel again beautiful, sexy. Therefore, often after such ordinary procedures a woman again wants to have sex, and he will bring into her life more vivid colors and sensations.

And if a man tries and creates a romantic atmosphere with candles, flowers - a young mother simply can not resist pleasant surprises, and you two will be able to plunge into the world of love. After all, many women who have given birth have already noted that with time, after orgasm, orgasm becomes stronger, and sensations are unforgettable.

To a specialist for advice

Many experts say that there are often situations where a woman wants to have sex after childbirth, and orgasm does not come. This is due to the fact that during intrapartum, intimate muscles lose their former strength, and their elasticity needs to be restored. This can be done with the help of special intimate gymnastics - exercises Kegel. Many women noticed that after a course of such exercises, orgasm returned to their lives. And not just returned, but with renewed vigor.

There are situations when orgasm after childbirth does not occur because of postpartum depression. Often, a young mother is difficult to cope with this situation, especially if there is no support from relatives. Sometimes a woman needs to seek counseling from a psychologist who can help get out of this situation. There is nothing shameful and humiliating here, since most of the newly given women suffer from this condition, but not many acknowledge it.

So men should remember, that female pleasure is in their hands. From male attention, zeal and tenderness, mutual sexual desire depends. But women should not go to extremes: they say, if I gave birth and do not feel orgasm, then sex can be excluded from life. Remember that orgasm is important for health and mood. Therefore, analyze, think about what should be changed in your perception of intimate life, and try, experiment, because the long-awaited pleasure is so close.

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