Orgasm during pregnancy

Can I have an orgasm during pregnancy?

And although doctors do not prohibit sex without special contraindications during pregnancy (except that if pregnancy is difficult, it is recommended to restrict sexual activity), many women, fearing to harm the child, refuse to refuse sex. Such refusals are motivated by the fact that, they say, orgasm can somehow negatively affect the development and growth of the fetus. But, according to experts, such barriers are more of a psychological nature. In fact, the orgasm experienced by a woman in carrying a child, goes to her and the fetus is extremely beneficial. Of course, provided that the sexual act is not too intense and rampant: still have to make a discount on the situation.

To dispel the doubts of doubting expectant mothers, doctors assure: orgasm is useful primarily to the child. So, during an orgasm, the uterine walls are contracted, and this leads to increased blood flow, and blood circulation in the placenta also increases. Thus, the baby is provided with even more nutrients and oxygen, therefore, the waste products of the fetus do not accumulate. In addition, hormones of pleasure - endorphins and enkephalins, which are produced in the body at the peak of pleasure - also have a positive effect on both mother and baby. Another factor in favor of orgasm during pregnancy is that, that the contraction of the uterus musculature during orgasm becomes the training moment of labor.

However, excessive sexual activity with a logical "end" of intercourse can not always be useful. Unfavorable can affect orgasm, if there is a threat of termination of pregnancy - in this case you will have to be as cautious and take the appropriate decision after consulting a doctor. Also, you should give up sex 2-3 weeks before the expected date of delivery - during this period, orgasm can cause fights. But if the term of birth has already approached, and the baby still does not want to seem to mom and dad in the eye, orgasm can do a good service and become a pleasant beginning of the birth process.

So, as it turns out, Pregnancy is not a contraindication for having sex and getting full pleasure. Therefore, if the pregnancy is proceeding normally, there is no reason to deprive yourself and the future pap of the legitimate enjoyment of sexual comfort.

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