Otitis during pregnancy

Otitis in pregnancy - causes, symptoms and treatment

What is otitis?

Otitis is an inflammation of the ear, and still any - external, middle or internal. With external otitis inflammation of the skinan auditory canal, and at an average - in a tympanic cavity (behind a tympanic membrane). However, it must be taken into account that sometimes the pain in the ear is caused by some other reasons that have nothing to do with the ear. As a rule, otitis occurs as a complication after colds, but often the cause of inflammation becomes an infection that has got into the ear.

If the pregnant woman begins to worry about the pain in her ear, immediately send it to the doctor. Remember that in this case, you can not apply hot bottles to the sore spot! This can be very dangerous in case of a purulent inflammation. If within the next two hours there is no possibility to visit the doctor, and the pain grows and strongly pester the pregnant woman, you can make several independent steps. For example, you can drip vasoconstrictive drops in your nose. It can be Nazivin (drops, intended for children) are quite suitable. In the ear can be dripped Otinum. When you go to the doctor, put on a hat or scarf to protect the sick ear from drafts and hypothermia.

Treatment of otitis

In pregnancy, the list of prescribed drugs is rather narrow. Therefore, for the treatment of otitis in such a category of patients using drugs made on a plant basis, as well as on the basis of natural oils. In addition, prescribe vasoconstrictor drops in the nose. Since this category of drugs is undesirable for use in pregnancy (they negatively affect the placental blood flow), they prescribe them with caution.

Of the many medicines intended for instillation in the ear, Pregnant women are allowed to use Otipax. It helps to eliminate pain. But it is necessary to know that Otipax can not be dripped if there is damage to the tympanic membrane.

Antibacterial drugs play a special role in the treatment of otitis media. But pregnant women are appointed with caution and only if it is caused by an acute need, for example, a pile of pus and an increase in body temperature. The doctor carefully selects the drug. It can be Amoxicillin or Biseptol.

If the tympanic membrane is damaged, and pus stems from the ear, the doctor organizes the treatment so that as soon as possible, eliminate these phenomena. As a rule, the perforated place is very quickly overgrown. If there is pus behind the tympanic membrane, but he has no way out, since the web is intact, the doctor makes a small dissection (puncture), allowing the pus to leak out.

If a woman follows the doctor's instructions clearly, and after a week she does not have anything to worry about, do not arbitrarily cancel treatment. The fact is that the disappearance of the pain symptom does not mean a complete recovery. It is necessary to tune in, because treatment of otitis of any form lasts at least two weeks.

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