Ovaries are ill during pregnancy

Why do ovaries hurt when pregnancy?

But if the ovaries began to hurt suddenly already during pregnancy, then, most likely, it's not the ovaries that hurt. First, gynecologists claim that, together with the uterus, they rise slightly above their usual location. And where the woman used to have ovaries and where it hurts or draws, they are no longer there. In such cases, all described sensations relate primarily to the ligaments supporting the uterus and also like the ovaries located on both sides of the abdomen. They, as a rule, hurt and pull when the uterus grows. Secondly, as the same doctors assure, the functions of the ovaries with the onset of pregnancy are disconnected, and they simply can not be sick during this period. Another thing is, if you were still troubled before the pregnancy with pain in the ovaries, and on this background there was conception.

Pregnancy against inflammation of the appendages is under threat of interruption and a number of complications. Therefore, it is desirable, of course, to solve this problem before conception. With the onset of pregnancy, the disease will necessarily make itself felt, and then problems can not be avoided. First, as we have already said, it is very difficult to endure pregnancy in this case. Secondly, inflammation requires treatment, which the future child will not definitely benefit. Pain in the ovaries may indicate the presence of an inflammatory process in the ovaries (oophoritis or adnexitis), the presence of a cyst or tumor in the ovary, a twisting of the cyst's legs or as a result of a violation of its integrity. Pain also occurs when a bleeding occurs in the ovary (apoplexy). True, in all these cases the pain is sharp, strong, prolonged, increasing. If you experience something similar in yourself - you need to see a doctor immediately.

Although, in most cases, all the same, the pain in the ovaries is completely different pain, more harmless. It passes by itself or by changing the position of the body, or after a short rest or a deep calm breath-exhalation.

Predominantly women suffer from pain, as we have already said, ligaments and uterine muscles, and this is what they confuse with pain in the ovaries. It can also be intestinal pain - then you need to make sure that the chair is regular. But in order to avoid trouble and for their own comfort, it is better to be convinced that nothing serious and dangerous for you and your baby is painful for this pain.

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