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What is ovulation and its signs

What and how?

Ovulation in the body of a woman is the exit of a fully matured and ready to fertilize egg from the ovary to the fallopian tube. In this organ it resides before the fertilization, that is, as it were, waiting for its hour. In the fallopian tube, the egg can live a day, waiting for fertilization. In this case, the inner layer of the uterus is compacted so that in the case of fertilization the egg (the fetal egg) is well attached. This attachment takes place six to twelve days after ovulation.

If the egg is not fertilized, it is simply absorbed by the uterine compaction and comes out with menstruation. Meanwhile, in the ovary begins to mature another, a new egg. One ovulation is one ovum.

It is worth emphasizing that sometimes ovulation does not occur in every menstrual cycle. This is influenced by stresses, changes in the climatic belt, diseases and other factors. Sometimes ovulation is accompanied by pains in the lower abdomen, bloody discharge from the vagina.

Each woman has a lot of eggs, capable of ripening in childbearing age and undergo the stage of ovulation.

When does ovulation occur?

The menstrual cycle of every woman is counted from the first day of menstruation. The average duration is from 28 to 32 days. But for some women, the cycles are shorter and longer. Again, most women ovulation occurs from 11 to 21 days of the cycle (count from the first day of menstruation). Perhaps, it is more convenient to consider, being guided by the following menstruation - 12-16 days before its onset.

Medical sources state that the prevailing number of women ovulation occurs on day 14 of the cycle. But every woman has its own period and different time. Ovulation in the same woman in different months can occur on different days. I.e, for example, in October - on the 11th day, in November - on 13 and so on.

Since the egg is in the fallopian tube for a day, fertilization is possible at this time. It should be borne in mind that spermatozoa can live in the body of a womanSome days. Therefore, you can get pregnant if the sexual act took place 4-5 days before ovulation.

How to define it?

There are several methods for determining ovulation:

  1. Tests. They examine the level of one of the hormones in the urine, signaling the period of ovulation. Tests are sold at the pharmacy, and they need to be applied a few days before the expected period of ovulation. If the cycle is short, then from the 9th day from its start. They must be done daily before ovulation or before the onset of menstruation. Therefore, this method is too expensive: one cycle will require at least 5 tests.
  2. The calendar method. It is based on the fact that ovulation occurs 14 days before the new cycle. That is, the method assumes keeping the calendar and determining the period of days possible for the onset of ovulation. The method is not very reliable, but many women with a stable cycle trust it.
  3. Basal temperature chart. Since the beginning of the cycle, this temperature is 36, 9 degrees. But just before ovulation, it drops to 36, 4, and then rises above 37. At this rate, the basal temperature lasts until the end of the cycle. Ovulation occurs in the period after the temperature drop and before the increase jump. Calculate this time is possible by measuring the temperature and introducing the indicators into an individual schedule.
  4. Method of ultrasound. A good doctor with ultrasound can determine the time of ovulation. But this requires 2-3 ultrasound procedures. If the cycle is regular, ultrasound is done 16-18 days before the new cycle. With irregular menstruation, this procedure should be started from the 10th day of the cycle and follow the recommendations of the doctor.
  5. Personal feelings. No one knows the woman's body better than herself. Therefore, the onset of pain in the lower abdomen, the appearance of viscous secretion from the vagina, the peak of sexual activity is precisely the period of onset of ovulation. Listening to your body, many women have learned to calculate a beneficial (or dangerous) for conception period in this way.

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